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Comment Parents have enough real issues to worry about (Score 3, Interesting) 204

I found a book in the free bin at Powell's technical book store (back when it was a separate location) called _The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit_, by Sherry Turkle. One of the most interesting things she wrote about was children's relationship with new technology. When given a speak and spell, one of the first things kids tried to do was "break" it; to get it to stop saying things mid-sentence. She likened it to kids pulling the legs off of a bug: something sociopathic that kids do to things that are perceived as being "things" rather than "people". If they were unsuccessful at the task using software, they would go so far as to remove the batteries, just to show mastery over the device.

This book was written in 1984. Stop worrying about stupid shit your kids do, they know people are people and machines are machines probably better than we do. They'll grow out of this. Worry about them growing up to be convicted rapists and what you're going to tell the judge to sweet talk him out of sending your kid to big boy jail.

Comment Re:Not a monopoly anymore. (Score 1) 371

Yep. I can't remember the last time I chose to use Internet Explorer. I tried Project Spartan and it was all right, but on windows 10 I'm using Chrome. Works fine. Mozilla has blown for many, many years. And Chrome is starting to make the same mistakes.

And the OS I use those most? Android.

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