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Comment Re:It's not a bad thing (Score 2) 241

The NBA is interested in the highest possible basketball talent. In the US, if you're good at sports, chances are you'll be noticed by the time you hit your teens. If your background is disadvantaged you have a pretty good shot of "making it out" as an elite athlete because colleges will notice you in time to avoid falling into the stereotypical poverty traps (gangs, drugs, etc). Basically, pro sports has a pretty good system in place to find the best candidates no matter where they come from so it's likely black men aren't over represented, they are mostly the best possible candidates out of the entire US.

There's also the point that, for some cultures, "making it out" due to becoming a sports pro, is seen as cool. Trying to "make it out" by actually working hard in school, getting a job early, gaining experience, etc.. is looked down upon. In fact, for the latter, in some cases the person will be bullied and derided for doing that.

It's not just on the colleges/businesses to recruit. These kinds of attitudes need to change.

It's part of why you also never hear cries to diversify or balance out things like pro sports either.. those doing the complaining about businesses and all are pushing for quotas for specific groups in specific areas, not equality across everything.

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 4, Insightful) 254

> What a great idea.... weaken everyone for a few rare cases.

That's the norm in big gov't.

Some people use guns to commit crimes? Let's ban them, or at least severely restrict them!
Some people can't dispose of plastic bags? Ban them for everyone!
Terrorists took over some planes? Let's enact crazy "security" that can't actually catch anything, treats everyone like a criminal, and make sure we grope kids and grandma so we don't look like we're profiling.

Comment Mostly in iTunes, plenty ripped.. (Score 1) 236

I store my iTunes library on a 20TB (~19TiB)Pegasus array today.
Video size currently:
MigiMac (OSX) [~ (master)]$ find /Volumes/Pegasus/iTunes/ -type f -a \( -name \*.m4v -o -name \*.mp4 \) -ls | awk '{tot+=$7}END{printf "Total size: %.4f Gig\n",(tot/(1024*1024*1024))}'
Total size: 6802.7659 Gig

Mix of ripped movies and TV shows, but I also purchase a few season passes from the iTunes store... it's close to a-la carte cable and ends up being cheaper than getting all the channels required would be. I do actually purchase most movies on blu-ray (3d if avail.. it's fun sometimes). If it comes with a digital copy that works in iTunes.. great. If not, I rip a copy. Ultraviolet can go screw itself. Rips are done via makemkv/vobcopy -> handbrake -> iTunes.

I use AppleTVs to watch stuff probably 90% of the time. Another 8% or so is watching disks via my PS3... the remainder is Cable and streaming (I tend to not use netflix/hulu very often and cable TV only as background noise from time to time).

For backups (you do back up, right?)...
Tier 1 is scripted rsync to a Synology DS2413 with ~18TB of disk
Tier 2 is rotated 2x6TB striped disks in 2 identical Lacie 2Big Thunderbolt external drives. I rotate every couple weeks so one is locked in my desk at the office for "off-sites". I also rotate a disk in a static bag at the same time for my linux box's data backups (email/web/photo gallery).

My MBP (iTunes on it has my master music library for syncing to iOS dev due to history) is also backed up to it's own Time Capsule but I also use rsnapshot on my linux server to back it up to the disks rotated out at work in the static bag so I have off-sites for the MBP as well.

Comment Re:Apple doesn't get it (Score 1) 279

akin to the conceptual break between old touchscreens and modern 1:1 instantaneous response

This can't be stressed enough to people that haven't experienced other touchscreens much.

I have a Harmony Ultimate One remote at home, and the last couple of days the touchscreen part has gotten very laggy, especially at scrolling the menu. It is super annoying after being used to things always responding on everything else I use. I found how to reboot the thing and am going to try that tonight to see if it helps.

Comment Re:Apple doesn't get it (Score 1) 279

Note that I know that a tablet OS is a lot different from a laptop OS in terms of UX, as Microsoft learnt the hard way w/ Windows 8,

I actually bought a Surface Pro 3 (with Windows 10 on it) a couple weeks ago, mostly for some on the road (but still actual PC) gaming, and it's... interesting. It's not a bad little computer, but the tablet mode... well frankly, it sucks. It's barely that usable, the keyboard popping up or not when needed is sketchy at best, and the pinch to zoom type features are complete shit. At least as an ipad user for browsing the web for some time now, it's horrible by comparison on the SP3 in tablet mode.

So they still haven't learned yet. Or at least not the right lesson.

Comment Re:Why now? (Score 1) 234

I've done jury duty a few times and even served on a murder trial back in 2000. It seems they tend to want to remove people who are critical thinkers in general. Both sides. They want people more easily swayed by emotions. At least it sure seemed like it. Though I did get on for the one trial, even though they knew I was titled an engineer and am technical (Unix Sysadmin). They excused a lot of other technically minded people and ran out of the limited excuses before I got into the top of the pool. At that point, at least one business owner and a couple of other people who were also at least somewhat technical got on as well.

Comment Re:2 year contracts? (Score 1) 508

Eh.. I'm still on the fence about windows 10. I just bought a Surface pro 3 with win10 the other day... mostly as a new toy and to replace an ageing gaming laptop (which is also massive). While it's pretty cool in a lot of ways, the tablet mode still leaves a LOT to be desired. The biggest annoyance I keep running into is the on-screen keyboard in tablet mode. It doesn't always pop up at all, and when I try to hit the icon on the taskbar, 1/2 the time it's not even there and things keep jumping around on there. Stuff like the date/time just vanished. The systray keeps moving way over to the left. The battery icon is sometimes 1/2 off the right side of the screen, sometimes gone completely.. and when I can tap on it, sometimes the actual popup shows up in completely random places.

I have hopes it'll improve, but it's still not really a "it just works" thing yet.

I can play Kerbal Space Program on my tablet on the go though. :)

Comment Re:sampling bias (Score 2) 405

but the younger crowd not only sees them as office furniture but doesn't think twice about setting up a webex on the spot and summoning the mages, without a day of advanced warning and a calendar invite.

Ugh.. yes. Not just the younger crowd, but seems more likely from them. One of my largest pet peeves is people that simply think that if you don't have time on the calendar blocked out, that it means you're not busy. Even with a calendar invite, it drives me crazy when people will send one shortly before a meeting they want to hold, then get all pissy when you don't go. Sometimes I'm just too busy, sometimes it's because I don't sit there all day watching for stuff to pop up in email or on the calendar.

I have a basic rule of common courtesy where meetings are involved: invites should be sent at least a full business day before a meeting. I know that myself, and several coworkers plan our day around the meetings we have (and that we're actually going to attend). Not to mention, page/txt/whatever invitees if the meeting plans change close to the meeting time, and I'd defined "close" to be anytime within an hour. Just this week I had another case where I travelled to another building, went to re-check the room as I walked in the lobby, and found that in the last 15 minutes, they'd lost the room and converted to online only. Man that pisses me off. If I'd gotten a page/txt I could've saved most of the trip and avoided wasting nearly as much of my time.

Now for a "Holy crap! We've got a fire to put out!" Yeah, setting up a shared session/chat-room/conf-call whatever on short to no notice.. that makes sense. For your little "boy I'm having a hard time working through this..." no.

Comment Re: Sort of dumb. (Score 1) 553

There has to be *someone* around at least that can answer all the kid's questions.

This is pretty much me today... I'm 42, been at my current company over a decade and a half. There is one pretty big downside to it: People think you need to be involved in every project, because you're the go-to guy (or one of only a couple) with the experience with not only the OS and hardware but the internal company stuff as well.

Also, people continually come to you for help with just about everything. So it's very hard to focus on stuff and get things done. I tend to spend a lot of time working from home just to be able to focus when needed.

It does make you feel a heck of a lot more secure in your job though. I will say that.

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