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Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 1) 725

The best comparison I could make for it at the time is to the supermarket tabloids. It's not so much that it's fake news, as it was pure entertainment that happened to be taken seriously by random nut jobs we could easily ignore in our day to day lives.

That's the same reasons I like to watch some of the crazy stuff like Ancient Aliens now and then. Yeah, it's all complete bullshit, but damn they come up with some crazy/interesting theories sometimes.

Honestly it's not that far from the full backstories and stuff they come up with in Movies/TV shows at times.. like all the stuff in the Stargate TV universe matched to all the mythical gods and such.

Comment Re:"Bodily noises"? (Score 2) 290

Yeah when we were being moved into our "open office environment" crap, we got all the talks about how studies showed it helped people work better (when the info was the exact opposite) and that people "collaborate" more and all. Bullshit, just be honest and say you're doing it because it's a lot cheaper. I can at least respect being told the truth rather than being lied to.

I ended up buying a pair of Parrot Ziks and drown out the outside noise with the music/movie of my choice off my ipad. I need music or the TV in the background when working at home to actually work anyway... I can't work in complete silence. I used to listen to music in my office, at a reasonable volume so it didn't bother neighbors, when I was in an office.

Comment Re:It's not a bad thing (Score 2) 241

The NBA is interested in the highest possible basketball talent. In the US, if you're good at sports, chances are you'll be noticed by the time you hit your teens. If your background is disadvantaged you have a pretty good shot of "making it out" as an elite athlete because colleges will notice you in time to avoid falling into the stereotypical poverty traps (gangs, drugs, etc). Basically, pro sports has a pretty good system in place to find the best candidates no matter where they come from so it's likely black men aren't over represented, they are mostly the best possible candidates out of the entire US.

There's also the point that, for some cultures, "making it out" due to becoming a sports pro, is seen as cool. Trying to "make it out" by actually working hard in school, getting a job early, gaining experience, etc.. is looked down upon. In fact, for the latter, in some cases the person will be bullied and derided for doing that.

It's not just on the colleges/businesses to recruit. These kinds of attitudes need to change.

It's part of why you also never hear cries to diversify or balance out things like pro sports either.. those doing the complaining about businesses and all are pushing for quotas for specific groups in specific areas, not equality across everything.

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 4, Insightful) 254

> What a great idea.... weaken everyone for a few rare cases.

That's the norm in big gov't.

Some people use guns to commit crimes? Let's ban them, or at least severely restrict them!
Some people can't dispose of plastic bags? Ban them for everyone!
Terrorists took over some planes? Let's enact crazy "security" that can't actually catch anything, treats everyone like a criminal, and make sure we grope kids and grandma so we don't look like we're profiling.

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