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Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 262

For instance the coast guard isn't protecting Tennessee

I'm usually polite on Facebook, but this comment is inane.

If CA were a separate country and had to support their own Coast Guard, there would just be another national border along the California border with the US, and you'd be patrolling that instead. It is indeed in Tennessee's best interests to help pay for the cost of patrolling national borders.

But the main reason this comment is so stupid is that Tennessee also depends on the Coast Guard, as they operate on the Mississippi River and other large bodies of water. Even if they did not, all that shipping up the Mississippi comes from somewhere, and the bulk of it isn't from elsewhere in Tennessee.

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 118

That's true - if the technology ever gets to the point where it is cheaper and as effective to use than having a person speak into a microphone. I'm not really concerned with how easy or hard it is to "break in" to Hollywood - it's already insanely hard. I'd suggest doing something more useful with your life, but now I sound like an asshole. Hopefully this asshole just saved someone from a barista job.

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 118

I'm not making that argument. Let's say the technology is perfect and produces a result exactly like the actor's. It still won't matter, because people want to go see a movie starring _insert_celebrity_, not some robot. To use the celebrity's name in any promotional material, you'll need to pay the celebrity (or the celebrity's estate). So this is no threat to celebrities, because they will get paid ether to do the actual voice work, or to have their name associated with the film.

Comment Re:Unintended consequences (Score 1) 487

Only if property law takes a huge swing such that resources and land are defined as "free". It's not like you can make solar panels without the involvement of pretty much every other industry, so you'll be extracting a lot of raw materials from someone's land, moving it across someone's territory, and then using someones territory to place your panels and run your wire.

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 118

Exactly - but would Robin Williams fans go to see Aladdin if it was just an un-advertised sound-alike? You'd probably even have the opposite reaction. It's the name and star power of Robin Williams* that drove that casting decision.

* William's raw talent was evident in the movie and it's success, but I doubt it drove the casting more so than his existing star power. Even if I'm wrong about this movie, there simply aren't examples of high-grossing cartoons staring only otherwise-unknown voice actors. They always have on-screen actors in the starring role(s).

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 118

You are refuting a point that I didn't make.

I'm not saying that they won't be able to use a rip off of John Wayne's voice... they can do that right now with human impressionists.

I'm saying that cartoons today use already-famous on-screen actors as big names on the marquee - not for their voices. This won't change. If they want to use a John Wayne sound-alike (computer generated or otherwise), they can go right ahead. If they want to SAY they are using a John Wayne sound-alike for marketing reasons, they'll need to pay the estate some money.

Comment Re:There is always a reason. (Score 1) 118

The vocal performance and personality of the actor shapes and defines the animation of the character.

No argument from me - but there is no logical reason that the best voice actors in the world also happen to be people who have the qualities necessary to be an on-screen star. The use of so many screen actors for voice-only roles implies existing star power as the prime motivation.

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 3, Interesting) 118

I don't think so. Stars still have legal rights over their likeness. I think you'd have a lot of trouble getting away with saying something like "Starring... a voice like Paul Rudd's, a voice like Carrie Fisher's, etc...".

Star power isn't going anywhere. There's really no logical reason that famous film stars are also billed prominently for animation, and yet that's what we have.

Comment Re:Vigorous debate? Surely you jest (Score 1) 487

Corporations - or at least, the limited liability aspect - are antithetic to libertarian thinking. You cannot have individual responsibility, and all of the systems in place to make sure that you are held accountable for your actions sail out the window when you have immunity. In addition, while many libertarians take the view that "property" is an inherent right, this is not universal. Personally, I align with libertarians pretty closely in the political realm, but find that the ideology is pretty mismatched with the commercial/economic realm in many important ways.

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