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Comment Re:I doubt Hollywood has an age discrimination iss (Score 1) 312

In any case, discrimination in Hollywood is not a "problem"... it's by design. We, as a society, have for whatever reasons decided that Hollywood can feel free to consider race, gender, age, etc in a way that most businesses are not allowed. California is being a little bit schizophrenic here in that they still allow Hollywood to discriminate based on age but they want to mitigate the effects of this by forbidding the sharing of age information.

Comment Re:This was one hell of an attack (Score 2) 207

You're the same entitled person that uses free web services and then b*tches when they start charging or go under aren't you?

I'm not a business person. If someone tells me that they have some "free" business plan that they claim will work, I can be skeptical, but it's not really on me when they are exposed as wrong. If you advertise a service as one thing and then pull a switcharoo, you should be called out. You call that "entitlement", I call it broken promises - though I'll also go along with "naive", since by now we should probably just ignore the promises of "free". Though here I am using gmail for going on a decade and a half...

Comment Re: who pays? (Score 1) 180

That would help the math, but it still doesn't work out very well. Spitballing here. You can probably, in bulk, cover around 750 users for $10,000 in capital costs in a densely populated area - assuming an existing upstream connection. This money would cover 9 million users. That's a lot - enough to do a single metro area. And this is directed at rural areas, so the impact should be more significant. Unfortunately, the $10,000 will probably skyrocket in those areas because the access points will be more spread out and the upstream bandwidth less available.

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 400

Exactly - this is how wealth is created. Did you notice that the 8% of jobs that will be created are higher paying than "driver"? I don't want to be dismissive of the pain that drivers will feel, but in the end there are more opportunities to get a high paying job, and these new highly paid workers will create demand for new low-paying jobs.

Comment Re:Why the hurry? (Score 3, Informative) 128

I think I could argue that the kinds of commercial censorship that the US engages in are less damaging to freedom of speech and political freedom than the censoring of political speech that is usually referred to when we talk about censorship.

And I say that as an unrepentant, unashamed pirate who thinks that copyright is a bunch of hooey.

Comment Re:Ooh (Score 1) 73

For the most part, it's not the "state" - it's your locality. Cable agreements in the US are almost universally done town-by-town. It's the exact opposite of "state" involvement. The companies were big enough that they could push for exclusive agreements.

Though we could get very in the weeds and argue that corporations themselves are built upon state charters, and that without this corporate invention and limited liability, companies would not get big enough to leverage a locality. Maybe.

Comment Re:China please (Score 1) 159

Maybe. I also look at the history of Europe and see even "independent" countries at war continuously for centuries. People are generally just dicks. Some blame it on colonialism or religion or a number of other things, but I think tribalism is inherent and something that we need to actively fight.

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