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Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 104

That's true, but what I meant was that they probably look at Philly as this den of Comcast and Verizon - Comcast is headquartered there and Verizon has a major presence from when it was Bell Atlantic. They are major players and the broadband coverage is pretty good - I think their mission to provide universal fast internet and the efforts needed to bust into Philly probably conspire to nudge them elsewhere.

Comment Re: Google the phrase (Score 1) 607

I wouldn't even try to retire the old debt through a forced means - simply making sure that something like a 5 year average is balanced. Within 30 years or so most of the debt taken out to meet current obligations would be retired simply by making payments on it. Under normal circumstances, spending would be determined by congress, but in the case that they can't act like adults, I'd make equal cuts and revenue increases.

Comment Re: Google the phrase (Score 1) 607

But a recession by definition is a lack of spending. If government doesnt change it by spending you end up with a depression.

Well, not automatically, but certainly government spending and backing of companies prevented the recession of 2008 from turning into a depression.

I'm not arguing that the government should not have the ability to borrow, nor am I arguing that the government should not have periods of deficit spending. But the long-term trend should be revenue neutral, with a relatively constant debt load reflecting a healthy spending on infrastructure. If debt is too low, that could be a sign of under-investment in infrastructure.

Comment Re:Google the phrase (Score 1) 607

Money the government spends becomes somebody's income

That's true of any money spent by anybody, not just the government. That's the problem with your argument. If the government left the money alone, it would still be spent and would still increase revenue - but without a trip through the less-efficient command economy.

To some extent, you are right - a government which prints its own money can simply print more money rather than raise taxes. The effect is largely similar - inflation instead of tax rate increases. This is very different from household spending. That's why I don't object to borrowing for infrastructure improvements. But once you start using debt to cover day-to-day obligations, that is the sign of an unsustainable situation. And, hand waving about velocity of money aside, you are creating obligations for your children and grandchildren that they will never benefit from. That is a moral problem.

Comment Re:And on Chromebook... (Score 1) 374

If windows sold laptops running windows forbidding chrome installs, and called it windowbook you'd be crying your heart out.

I believe that's called a "Surface", and no you can search my comment history - I never "cried my heart out". Never bought one, but neither did anyone else. I don't cry about Apple's locked-down iOS stuff, because they are very upfront that you need to install apps from Apple's store. I do cry about certain Android products that are far more locked down than standard "Android", simply because it is not at all clear without doing some research first... it's still being sold as "Android" despite being less capable.

Comment Re:And on Chromebook... (Score 2) 374

Let's ignore for the moment that you can put Linux on a Chromebook, which does run Linux kernel after all.

You basically restated what I just said. If I buy a "laptop", I expect it to be a general-purpose computer. At the very least, it should run a general purpose OS like Windows. With some luck, you can make it run a different general-purpose OS. If I buy a Chromebook, I expect it to run Chrome. It's in the name: Chrome-book. I have no expectation that it should be a general purpose computer, and any ability to load a general purpose OS on it is pure gravy.

It sounds like you are in the market for a general purpose computer. Don't buy a Chromebook.

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