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Comment Re:Strange (Score 4, Insightful) 480

The biggest problem here is that it wasn't even disclosed to the buyer as being a "signature series". I am against lock down, but lack of disclosure is an even bigger problem.

OEMs ought to be disclosing whether or not their hardware has proprietary Windows drivers, however they don't do it. It goes beyond "let the buyer beware," a lot of times the info isn't there.

Comment Re:Race implications (Score 1) 400

We had better drop the word "handout" or drop the connotation.

If these people and their families and ancestors helped create this society then why in the hell aren't they benefiting from it as much as the CEOs we worship? If corporate and business society are locking them out why do they give up their right to exist?

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 400

There is a limit to this. Not every person is able to be an engineer or a PhD. General labor was an important place for those on the low end of the bell curve.

When you get rid of those jobs completely (which will happen) those people still have to have a way to live. Right now the politically correct thing is to ignore them or call them lazy. Sorry... that doesn't cut it.

Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score 1) 618

I think that proves the point, though. You have rich kids who are slackers and rich kids who build empires on their own despite the money given to them. The money itself isn't the only factor in whether the rich kid makes a life of leisure for himself or not. Unless you want to argue that "rich kid" is a special class in the argument then why would you consider that normal folk would be any different.

Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score 3, Insightful) 618

I'd really rather do something ethically meaningful rather than my current engineering job which is probably gray at best. Sadly most alternatives are not improvements and I need a decent salary to meet expenses and be able to retire at some point. Would I slack some if money wasn't an issue? Probably for a bit, but after awhile I think I'd get bored. I'd rather be doing something.

The seems to be the point that opponents to basic income can never get through their heads. People that are slackers are going to slack no matter whether they have basic income or not. A basic income actually gives people with ideas a huge advantage. I wonder how many people out there with great ideas have never been able to peruse them because it would mean they would starve while they are developing their ideas.

Comment Re:EEE (Score 1) 412

The US justice system is essentially a system where the group with the largest number of lawyers wins regardless of the actual law. If MS can't win the case on the merits they will drag it out until the other side goes bankrupt or the settlement is minuscule. If anyone goes after them in the court for bad faith then that party better have deep pockets.

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