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Comment Re: So what? (Score 1) 472

I am confused why it would COST 2x to the consumer. It's two times the cost of manufacture, but as I have read the manufacturing cost is actually quite low and most of the cost of an iPhone has to do with the premium paid for the Apple name.

2x a small number is often still a small number.

Comment Re:Trump says science is a fake (Score 1) 382

On the other hand, if he can get his corporate income tax cut passed, we'll see a resurgence of manufacturing in the US.


First, you're pushing a myth. The tax rate is high because they get so many deductions, but their actual paid taxes are lower than they every have been. The corporations with the best tax lawyers have an affective NEGATIVE rate in many cases.

Secondly, the only way manufacturing is ever coming back to the US is if the labor pool because the virtual slave labor pool of China, India, and other parts of the 3rd world. If that's what you hope for then screw you, you're part of the problem.

Comment Re:So they only prosecute a safe, "no-harm" target (Score 5, Informative) 111

Which brings us to this famous bit of evidence...


The people in the HR "profession" actually have seminars in how to avoid hiring American workers.

You might be right about the program design itself, but the program is gamed in a HUGE way and the US Government knows it and turns a blind eye. If they would simply do some audits and enforce the law this could be partially curbed, but they don't. Corporatist administrations do not care.

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