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Comment Re:What the hell (Score 1) 759

It's worth noting that Richard actions constitute libel in the U.K. I donno if her accusation of the forking remark constitute libel in the U.S., perhaps given that it's false. I'd assume that her accusation of the dongles remark does not constitute libel in the U.S., being true.

I'm pretty sure that looking at somebody funny constitutes defamation in the U.K. some way or another. I wouldn't use British defamation laws as an analog for any reasonable country.

Comment Re:Hard Balls? (Score 1) 319

Just in case that was a serious comment: Pucks are rarely used by kids outside organized leagues, because they only really work on smooth ice surfaces. Unfortunately, ice time is expensive and hard to come by.

Street Hockey (or ball hockey) is generally played with tennis balls or hard orange hockey balls. These would fall under the ban. However, in my experience, you'd have a harder time getting the sticks into the school, so it's kind of a moot point.

Comment Re:A couple of issues (Score 1) 913

I am not American. There is no mention of the US in the question. How did this thread become all about the American system? Where I'm from, and in most non-american western countries the term engineer is strickly regulated. Engineers have legal authorities and obligations and it takes a lot of hard work to earn your license.

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