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Comment and then you called her "TOO FAT" on the internet (Score -1) 545

either you wanted the sex or you didn't. are you a liar, or a rape victim?

why do you continue to abuse her 10 years later and then claim you're being "NICEST" as you can be? your abuse continues. your hypocrisy confounds.

you're an ignorant, hypocritical, pathologic abuser.

chase down my responses some more monkey. whine about claims of others stalking you while you incessantly search for another reply to respond to. read the information, then deny it... just like a paranoid, delusional recluse would.

admit to more abuse.

whine more about being raped.

claim that i, or others, would put themselves in the same position... when i deny it, claim i would anyways. just lie.

back to your bush shanty lower level apartment with your 65+ year old roommate named jan, feeb.

Alexander Peter Kowalski has admitted to abusing a former (only?) girlfriend... claiming it just "happens"... then claims that it's funny, and he's laughing about it.

Alexander Peter Kowalski seems to have many unsatisfied customers

Alexander Peter Kowalski
903 East Division Street
Syracuse, N.Y. 13208
Apartment #1, Lower Level

i suppose your listed address includes "Apartment #1, Lower Level", because you rent out the "Higher Levels" of your home to people who can afford to not live with people above them... or maybe they just couldn’t keep their taxes up to date. somehow, i suppose...

Jan Kowalski (Age 65+)
E Division St
Syracuse, NY
Associated people:
Alexander P Kowalski

i suppose the 65+ year old named jan that is listed as living with you is your hot cougar wife... not your mother...... you couldn't possibly be so cliché as to be a 45 year old living in your mom's basement............. could you??????? if you'd rather i call and ask her, that's ok.... just don't respond here...

cower in my shadow some more, feeb.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:MichaelKristopeit - Future school shooter (Score -1) 198

you're the one with no claims to an identity who is seemingly unsure who they are addressing... if anyone.

you have accused me of conspiring to commit murder and taking Adderall. you have no evidence, as there is none to have. you are an ignorant hypocrite. your existence and willingness to make false accusations should not be met with slight fear, but swift force.

cower in my shadow some more, feeb.

you're completely pathetic.

Comment Re:In other words (Score -1) 517

so the people that make a living collecting and selling "gold nuggets in Wow"... they might as well continue making a living?

how could this ever affect you? what exactly do you have a problem with? a new market you have no voice in controlling?

another fad anonymous opinion.

cower some more, feeb.

you're completely pathetic.

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