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Submission + - Was SpamCop compromised? (spamcop.net)

reybo writes: I've been reporting spam to SpamCop for many years. I average 2 to 4 reports a day, about 100 a month.

Last week they became hard to connect to, and once connected, they were slow to accept a report if they accepted at all.

When a report was accepted, it was followed by a message that I had unreported spam, and did I want to report it.

At the first one of these I said yes. The spam that was reported was the one I reported previously. After that I said no to additional reporting. That was followed by a message that nn unreportecd spams were deleted, nn being 10 or 12.

Twice I wrote to service@admin.spamcop.net to call it to their attention. The response was this, cancelling my account.

"In the 24 hours starting Mon Jul 9 12:48:20 2012, you have submitted over spams for processing, which exceeds our daily submission limit. No more submissions will be accepted. Your reporting account is disabled. Please reply if you are reporting spam in good faith and feel your account should be reinstated."

The place for a number in the message was blank. Does that seem normal? My responses to the email address they gave were ignored.

Then today,Thursday, I got this, a promise from SpamCop/Cisco that everyone registered at SpamCop will get $15 worth of fuel. Huh? And the message itself is bizarre, leading me to think the site's been captured.

"News: (Last Modified: July 12, 2012 2:51:27 AM EDT -0400) (Email-account news)

SpamCop Access and Performance Issues:
Cisco recognizes the performance issues many users of SpamCop.net have been experiencing, and would like to apologize
to the community for the service delays. Over the past week our researchers have been actively monitoring increased
global spam volumes caused by heightened botnet activity. Our investigations have revealed this as a global event not
specific to SpamCop. In the past, the service has successfully processed higher volumes of spam, but our team has
identified performance issues within our infrastructure. SpamCop remains an important part of our technology, and
Cisco is working diligently to restore SpamCop to its previous service levels.

Even as we continue the investigation, the spam and botnet data collected from SpamCop is improving Cisco’s
industry-leading anti-spam solution for our customers. To show appreciation to the SpamCop community, Cisco is
offering $15 worth of fuel to all registered users of the SpamCop spam reporting service. Registered users will
receive an email notification within 3-5 days with further instructions and details on the credit.

Cisco remains committed to the community and we acknowledge their contributions are integral in the continuing fight
against spam. We remain a committed partner to the cause.

Again, we apologize for the intermittent delays, and as our investigation continues, we will provide regular updates to
the SpamCop community."

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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