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Comment Re:No user serviceable parts inside. (Score 1) 152

It didn't matter, really, the company that built MF went out of business due to the economic crash due to the destruction of the second death star. Any government run by people who can force-choke you certainly doesn't have to pay outstanding bills for in-progress projects that were destroyed by rebel terrorists.

Comment Re:and many of us are forced at gunpoint..... (Score 1) 174

If only there were a way to get television without paying money to some company, maybe some kind of wireless television? But it would have to be unencrypted, and you would have to be able to get equipment for it at regular retail stores.

Seriously, I cut the cord 15 years ago, and have been antenna-only since then. (No Netflix because most of the stuff coming out of Hollywood is garbage, especially the newer stuff. And I already have two free channels that run old garbage movies 7/24.) The digital switch-over has made things a lot better, now I have a MythTV with 4 tuner cards dumping the raw MPEG onto a hard drive where I can do whatever the fuck I want with it. Like, say, keep it.

The only good reason to pay for cable or satellite TV is if you like to watch live sports. Over the past 20 years or so (in the USA), sports have been slowly migrating away from broadcast, though not so much that I still don't regularly get DVR recordings fucked up from weekend games going into overtime.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 3, Insightful) 600

...yes, because of the possibility that someone may cross in front of you when they don't have right of way, like this truck. It was a typical rural US Highway grade crossing intersection, and the truck was turning left onto a side road. The road was long and straight, and as I remember from looking at it on street view, it wasn't hilly, either, and it was daylight, so the truck driver should have had a good view of the oncoming car.

I don't know why the truck driver's part is ignored so much. Well, I know, really, it's because that's so boring that it's not news. If the oncoming car hadn't been a Tesla, but had instead been an ordinary tired driver, none of this would have gone beyond local news.

Comment Re:View from on high (Score 1) 239

If braces aren't put on single-line if or else conditions, that leaves the possibility of a bad code merge causing a goto fail situation. In the worst case, if you keep open braces on the same line (1TBS like "} else {"), you add one line over naked statements, which is still better than putting open braces alone on a line.

So basically, it ensures that if a merge or patch slips in an extra line, it doesn't silently cause a change in code flow. It also keeps the unchanged if() expression out of the diffs when the sub-blocks are changed, which makes merges more reliable.

Comment Re:Austin? (Score 1) 104

Far northwest Austin here (just south of Cedar Park), the only thing I've gotten from them is a T-shirt (1XL with no option for a 2XL). The original map made me feel like I was in the boonies. Hell, a freaking Tesla service or showroom place (not sure which yet) even opened nearby in the past few weeks! And I'm moving back to San Antonio, which has at least been chosen as a GF city, so who knows, it might not even set my wait back by much.

If you don't live between, say, Ben White and 2222, you will probably be waiting for a while. If your neighborhood doesn't have above-ground comm wires on poles, you might be waiting even longer. For what it's worth, many years ago TW ran some kind of hammer mole thingy down the back yards in my neighborhood (digging a hole in only one of every 4 yards) to run a soda-can sized pipe though the ground. (They used an actual soda can bottom to cover the end of the pipe when pushing it through the hole!) Who knows if Google would even be able to use that hole.

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