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Submission + - SPAM: activist email to customers

Mean Variance writes: Meetup has taken activism to the corporate level by creating over 1000 #Resist meetups. If you use Meetup you probably have received an email describing their action “After Donald Trump’s order to block people on the basis of nationality and religion, a line had been crossed."

It is discussed in this Forbes article. Will we see this kind of direct activism from more companies? What will be the reaction from customers who use their product but don't necessarily agree with the tactic or the subject matter?

Submission + - Are Chinese Mothers Superior? (

Mean Variance writes: "The Wall Street Journal has a story about growing up from and being a "Chinese Mother." Also, there are many comments from The Atlantic. It describes the rigid upbringing of the writer and how she chooses to raise her kids the same way. She efforts to point out that her term "Chinese Mother" is not meant to broadly define all Chinese, likewise, she posits some non-Chinese raise their kids this way. Being a software engineer, I work with many Chinese (including Hong Kong and Taiwan born) colleagues (along with Russian, Indian, and American). I see the trait in some colleagues and former neighbors in the Chinese dense town of Cupertino, CA, but don't think it warrants such a broad sterotype."

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