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Submission + - US Justice Department sues eBay for anti-competitive hiring practices (

McGruber writes: The Associated Press ( is reporting that the US Justice Department is suing eBay for allegedly agreeing with Intuit not to hire each other’s employees.

According to the article, "eBay’s agreement with Intuit hurt employees by lowering the salaries and benefits they might have received and deprived them of better job opportunities at the other company,” said acting Assistant Attorney General Joseph Wayland, who is in charge of the Justice Department’s antitrust division. The division “has consistently taken the position that these kinds of agreements are per se (on their face) unlawful under antitrust laws.”

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Submission + - Mlogica wins $1.56 million lawsuit over online defamation (

McGruber writes: The Orange County Register has the news ( that Anaheim, California technology company Mlogica ( and its top executive Amit Okhandiar have won $1.56 million in an Internet defamation case.

An Orange County Superior Court jury awarded actual and punitive damages and also issued an injunction prohibiting the defendant, Dr. Pankaj Karan, from repeating libels against mLogica and Okhandiar.

"The breakdown of the award is $492,000 in past economic damages, $738,000 in future economic losses, $282,000 to Okhandiar for additional and punitive damages and $50,000 to mLogica for loss of reputation."

Dr. Karan emailed allegations to mLogica's clients and business partners that "damaged mLogica so much that major projects it was working on were cut off and the company had to lay off employees."


Submission + - Steve Jobs to be deposed (

McGruber writes: The Atlanta fishwrap is reporting that Steve Jobs will be deposed to tesify in an iPod & iTunes antitrust suit. The suit alleges that Apple had a "monopoly on the digital player and audio download markets."

Submission + - Facebook Ownership Trial Still Underway in Buffalo (

McGruber writes: The Buffalo News provides this update ( on the Facebook ownership trial.

Just when we thought the Facebook story could not get any stranger, we learn that the plaintiff "pleaded guilty to a felony charge in Texas about 15 years ago, in connection with a case involving psychedelic mushrooms."

This lawsuit was previously covered in this July slashdot article (

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