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Journal Journal: wait 2

hmm...I tried to do this once and it seems to have rejected me, I'll try it again

I got those happy feet
Give them a low down beat
and they start dancin

Did anyone else think it was funny that Kermit would tap-dance, but you never saw his feet, cu he waqs a puppet?


Harmony through industry: Our Trolls are working around the clock to supply the world's trolling needs. With plans to outsource to Japan( and Latin America( RoboTroll trolling industries has nothing but a bright future to look towards.

Thanks mister whoever-you-are for making many opinionated AND stupid comments throughout this day at /. Whithout you shooting your mouth off about stuff and making no sense, I might actually think people like me had browbeaten people into thinking BEFORE communicating. The pipes of communication may be wide, but when you shove shit into them the result is not pretty. Either use some thought when you post or else join the Trolling community. Thanks.

Your ideas are intriguing; I would like to sign up for your newsletter.

Point to be made: It doesn't take a genius to use a spell-checker. Methinks it has something to do with the varying degrees of seriousness that people treat /. I think it is a joke, but also believe that spelling/grammar mistakes detract from my ability to amuse/ irritate people. Some days I really don't give a shit about spelling, just because it really is just /. and doesn't make any difference anyway.


Truth comes from the words you write. Having to be that AMD is cheaper, but there is chance of forecast that parts will not harmonize calling to Gods properly. Intel sings true heart of having the decorum of to work with imps and peril, causing mending and workings.

Thank you.


Linux games.


Linux people are such an interesting combination of smart and dumb that they should be put in a zoo. Smart enough to know that Microsoft is making decisions for people that they never should. Dumb enough not to "vote with the dollar" and pay companies that may have a chance to displace MS (How many people own Opera or donate to open source?). Smart enough to know that high-end graphics is no substitute for amazing game play. Dumb enough to but a 2.2 GHz chip and post compilation times or SETI times.

Wake up folks; use your hard-earned money and "valuable" time to bring about change. Start be realizing that choice of an OS in the home is not very important. MS owns our businesses and will do the things it takes to own them for a long, long time. Installing Linux or another alternative may be good training, but it is not changing anything. You are doing the same thing as someone like me who simply steals the latest MS OS. Yeah, we both suck, but who gets to play RTCW, not worry about every software manufacturer dying and have the option of using the latest software out there?

Thank you very much.
No encores.
May I please bash your head in with a rock?
I bet your brains would be a lot more useful outside of your head - perhaps little children might play with them like play-doh.

So very dumb.
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Journal Journal: adding

Never mind this one. Read the other one. Does anyone know how I could see every post I have ever made?

United States

Journal Journal: Karma 3

It seems those pretentious fucks who read at '0' can't handle my "in your face" attitude. I get my karma up to -4 (-5 and above posts at '0' rating) and then watch it plummet down to -9 in the course of a few hours.

Fucking nitwits.
The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Job title: Slashdot critic. 1

So I think I have found my calling for a while. The fools on slashdot must be criticized in every way possible. My job will henceforth be to insult these people as well as give credit to good posts. Most people do small type stuff like saying "mod parent up." I must do more then this. The insults must be brutal but not dirty. The credit must be of excellent quality.

So, here goes.

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