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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best editorial staff communication tool? 2

AoOs writes: "A few other journalists and I have just started our own magazine and have run into a few communicative problems. Since we are in opposite parts of the country, 99 % of our correspondence is online, but that has turned out to be more problematic than first imagined.
E-mailing is too troublesome and messages and ideas get lost in our secret Facebook group's comment threads. To-do items get forgotten, information gets convoluted and it is nearly impossible to keep a full overview of progress and shortcomings.
So we turn to you, Slashdot.

How do online businesses optimise communication and keep agendas/to-do lists shared and up to date?"

Comment Re:Not true (Score 1) 973

Maybe this is what happens in the US military, though the Australian defence forces, you show even an ounce of 'willingness' to kill anyone, you'll be shown the door before you even get through the first interview. Even grunts have to pass through an array of psychological tests. I spent a long time in the Australian Navy, mainly doing ELINT and COMINT, never once did anyone, at all, ever try and condition us that our targets were 'the enemy' - they were just targets. Morality and emotions, you deal with that on your own, there is no guide book, no conditioning.

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