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Submission + - Physics Students Compete in Cardboard Boat Regatta

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Cleveland Sun News reports that 40 teams of students put their knowledge to the test in the ninth annual Physics Cardboard Boat Regatta at Lakewood High School by building two man boats with untreated cardboard and clear packing tape seeking the best time in a journey across the school's 25-yard swimming pool. "Along the way I taught them about Archimedes’ Principle, buoyancy and flotation,” says Physics teacher David Hille, who organized the regatta and gave students points towards their final grade depending on how well they did in the race. The fastest team made the trip in 22.6 seconds, the fifth-best time in the history of the regatta, but making it across the pool isn’t as easy as it might sound. "Usually one-third to one-half of the boats make it across," says Hille."

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