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Submission + - My employer suffers major phishing identity theft: What do I do? ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: The US Internal Revenue Service put out a warning to HR professionals, saying that fraudsters are spear phishing, forging an email from the "CEO" demanding that all W-2's for 2015, or a list of employee names and SSN's be sent in a return email.

My company got hit by this exact attack last week, and already someone has filed a return using my details. Our company is providing Identity Theft protection now, but it's already ocured and the genie is already out of the bottle. What do Slashdoters think? In light of recent legislation, should I put comments on Glass Door or maybe the NYT? If our customers found out that we're this sloppy with records would they do business with any more? What are my chances I'd get fired, if I did?

Submission + - Email inventor Ray Tomlinson dies at 74 (

vikingpower writes: ARPAnet pioneer and networking legend Ray Tomlinson, who is best known for his contributions in developing email standards, has died, as reported by TechRepublic..
Tomlinson is supposed to have told a colleague, shortly after showing him his invention: "Don't tell anyone! This isn't what we're supposed to be working on.", according to Sasha Cavender quoting Tomlinson in a Forbes article titled "Legends". May Ray rest in peace in /dev/null.


Submission + - Scientists confirm cold atoms act like lasers (

An anonymous reader writes: A beam of helium atoms has been shown to have properties similar to a laser light beam, according to Australian scientists who have confirmed — for atoms — a theory first developed for light nearly 50 years ago.

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