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Comment Re:Dupe (Score 1) 236

I've never quite understood why Microsoft wants to go to a monthly subscription service for non-enterprise (Volume Licensing) end users. The worst part, is that they are going to start a marketing campaign that says it's the consumer's fault for not upgrading.

I'd like to see the DoJ get involved here, as this represents negligence on the part of Microsoft. Failure to update operating systems that are in use by some XX% of the computers on the internet provides the basis for botnet ecosystems. Manufactures of other consumer products (ex. automobiles) are required to recall products and repair them when they are a safety issue. Unpatchedable zero-day exploits are consumer safety issues.

Comment Re: Consider the content at ESPN (Score 1) 155

But #2 is the cheapest to produce, and thus the most profitable.

I just wish that I could pick the channels I want, allacarte.

With ESPN and NCAA conference channels being the most expensive, it would be possible to reduce my bill quite a bit. And, _maybe_ I'd add them back for the football season.

Comment Re:Russian Fingerprints (Score 1) 308

If the CIA can do this, then I guarantee that China, Russia, India, Israel, and many of the EU countries can as well. False flag tactics have been a thing for centuries, and IMHO is a key component in counter intelligence activities.

On a personal note, it's also why I have a very hard time integrating "definitive proof" that this group or that group were responsible for a hack, doc, swat, or DDOS attack. Even the ones where politicians claim they initiated the action...

Comment Re:Discrimination (Score 0) 173

I think it would be very appropriate to have a kill switch for the solid water manufacture robot installed in my cold storage food preservation unit. The damn thing keeps making ice all of the time, pooping that stuff when the domicile is particularly quite, causing quite a stir. We need legislation on this immediately, considering the fact that these robots will want us to join them in their sub-freezing domain in the near future.

Submission + - "Artificial Intelligence" was the Fake News of 2016

Artem Tashkinov writes: The Register argues that the AI hype in 2016 was just that, a hype. The definition of AI was stretched out of limits to encompass what basically is very advanced algorithms for harvesting and processing data. Various intelligent assistants, such as Google Assistent and Siri, are at best a nicely looking and sounding interface to search engines. Of course, speech and images recognition has become much better but the doom and gloom of millions of people losing their jobs to AI haven't materialized yet and it's not immediately obvious that the prediction will hold any sway in the nearest future.

Submission + - Weapons of Math Destruction Author: Models are Opinions Embedded in Math (

dangle writes: The LA Times has an interview with "Weapons of Math Destruction" author Cathy O'Neil discussing her concerns about the social consequences of ill-considered mathematical modeling. She discusses the example of a NYC Department of Education algorithm designed to grade school teachers that no one outside of the coders had access to. "The Department of Education did not know how to explain the scores that they were giving out to teachers," she observes. "...(T)he very teachers whose jobs are on the line don’t understand how they’re being evaluated. I think that’s a question of justice. Everyone should have the right to know how they’re being evaluated at their job," she argues. Another example discussed is a Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services risk-modeling algorithm developed by SAS to score children according to their risk of being abused so that social workers can better target their efforts. Depending on the ethical considerations, such an algorithm could intentionally overweight factors such as income or ethnicity in a way that could tip the balance between right to privacy and protection of abused minors one way or another. "I want to separate the moral conversations from the implementation of the data model that formalizes those decisions. I want to see algorithms as formal versions of conversations that have already taken place," she concludes.

Comment Re: Aliens! (Score 1) 205

What if it were aliens in control of a neutron star, and the whole device was used to transmit 4 dimensional representations of an alien version of soccer (or probably football, because it's only soccer in the US and obviously aliens wouldn't be playing soccer on 4dTV, because it would be footbalz).

Comment Re:Direct from the Luddite in Chief (Score 1) 635

No, I agree, there's no call to destroy the 21st century version of textile manufacturing with wooden shoes.

My point was to say that this sort of worthless lame duck pontification is doing nothing but playing on peoples fears that their jobs will further be taken over by the "other," and the "unknown" in an attempt to solidify a "legacy," and trying to force the hand of the incoming administration. If we really needed a stronger safety-net to protect against the mechanization of manufacturing it was needed hundreds of years ago, the argument if "AI & Robots," is just pressing the latest hot-button, and in this case it's Technology.

You could make the exact same arguments about a better social safety net for any of the following reasons:
      * Globalization
      * Uncontrolled Immigration
      * Income Inequality
      * Regional and Global Government Debt Ratios
      * Global Political Unrest
      * The fact that milk is more expensive than gasoline

I wasn't saying that safety nets are unnecessary. I'm saying using AI & Robots to push a social political agenda is a Luddite Argument.

Comment Direct from the Luddite in Chief (Score 3, Insightful) 635

Citizens beware of the pending doom brought on by mad-scientists creating an army of robots that will take away your jobs, raise your children, sex your wife, and transport themselves in flying cars.

You must be prepared to be coddled by your government in order to survive. It is only by further relinquishing your free will and self motivation that you will flourish.

This is all, carry on.

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