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Submission + - Neighbors to Submit DNA to Avoid Murder Suspicion (www.dr.dk)

MathiasRav writes: On January 1, Maria Møller Christensen was killed in the laundry room of her apartment block in Herning, Denmark (Google translation, Danish original). Since the DNA profile of the killer does not yield a match in the Danish police database, the local PD is requesting the neighbors who had access to the laundry at the time to voluntarily submit a DNA test (original) in order to avoid further suspicion in the case. According to the police officials in Herning, rejecting this offer will not raise suspicion, and the police cannot force the residents to submit a DNA profile for any reason, due to Danish legislation similar to the fourth amendment to the US constitution. The request follows the release of the 48 year old Jan Lindholt Mikkelsen, who was taken into custody for 18 days (original) on suspicion of the murder. Technical evidence led to the release.

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