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Comment Re:Difficult to assess (Score 1) 400

"If the userbase is really fixed then Mozilla should try to maximize their revenue by letting Yahoo! and Google bid for the rights."

They do exactly this. Yahoo's bid was comparable in terms of money, and "better" in terms of Mozilla's mission. For example, Yahoo agreed to respect the Do Not Track setting -- something Google will never do. Because tracking is Google's business.

Since Yahoo is the underdog in search, Mozilla has more leverage to get them to modify things ( evidently a 35-page "things you should change" document was also agreed to). Google's bid is always "Here's $_______ , take it or leave it, we keep our own counsel about how the web should work"

Comment Re:No Shit (Score 1) 358

"A english major has very limited problem solving training and have little use in a environment such as Google."

This is *exactly* equivalent to the following sentence:
"A CS major has limited creativity and have little use in an artistic environment such as Apple"

The *only* thing your major really tells people about you is what you felt like spending your time on between the ages of 18-22.

English/Philosophy major, professional Software Developer

Comment Re:u wot m8 (Score 5, Funny) 575

Just thank your lucky stars that you're not in Linux-land, or some other godawful free software environment, 'cause you would have to type

>apt-get upgrade

in a terminal. This is obviously way too difficult for any human being, so bless Gates and Ballmer and whoever came after him for letting us not have to type that

Comment The brainwashing has succeeded (Score 1) 408

Agree with you 100%

Patent monopolies are a *tremendous* gift to inventors, and they should be granted (if ever) only for tremendous gifts to the world. The broken patent system has brainwashed people into thinking that every you ever do needs to be patented so that no one else can ever do it.

The pharma patents always get pushed to the front of the class in these discussions. Fine. Cure cancer & patent your cure. We'll pay you for the favor, and we'll pool money to make sure that all the poor people with cancer can also afford it.

But the relative position of a trackpad and keyboard?

Comment Don't overreach (Score 1) 1037

"his first mention in the writing of Josephus is a fairly obvious forgery, it being neither in his tone or style of writing, and added into a margin"

I'm no historian, but it sounds like you aren't either? Wikiped says >.

There's also: "Scholars generally view these variations as indications that the Josephus passages are not interpolations, for a Christian interpolator would have made them correspond to the New Testament accounts, not differ from them"

Now, you might be 100% right that it is all a pile of lies, etc. But if modern scholarship has almost universally acknowledge the authenticity of a "fairly obvious forgery" you might need to expand your case a bit.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causation. (Score 1) 1037

"in the U.S., for example, where compassion and charity are no longer considered Christian"

I wish I had mod points for you.
In broad strokes, "Christianity" in America means "Conservative Republicanism". Case in point: Two things that were drilled into me throughout my (Protestant) upbringing were 1) You always vote for the Christian candidate; and 2) Mormons are not Christians.

Can you guess which candidate those people chose in 2012? Romney, in droves

Comment "Every normal activity" (Score 1) 53

"people have started to do every normal activity we would do on the Internet through those two portals because it costs them zero"

Typical reductive garbage. The internet is important for 5 billion reasons. Sharing photos is just on of those.

This is like saying "people watch every normal TV show through those three channels (ABC,NBC,CBS)

Comment Of Course it's legal (Score 1) 77

As a net-connected consumer, it is assumed that you read the EULAs and terms for all the sites you visit and the software services you use, and that you go through this process again periodically (every few weeks) in case anything has changed.

Did you know: most people spend 4-5 hours reading terms and EULAs for every 2 hours of using their computers. It's just basic responsibility. It's called the free market, freely-entered-into contracts, meetings of the minds, equal footing, etc. It works grat.


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