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Journal Maserati's Journal: Apple-N 2

Ok, I give up.

People who've never called tech support from a Mac or hate rants can stop reading.

The standard Mac meta-key is the Command key. They're the ones next to the space bar with the funny symbol and an Apple[tm] logo on them. Apple calls 'em the Command key. The documentation calls it a Command key.

Say 'Command-N' to a luser [1]. Blank stare. Say 'Apple-N'. New window. Aaaaaaaaaargh.

Sometime this past weekend something died inside me [2]. I gave up. I'm calling it the Apple key now. Fine.

[1] This nomenclature issue is a really good clue-meter in Apple shops. Anyone who knows this has gotten used to keyboard shortcuts, and that's good on any OS.

[2] Not the worst that coulda happened, I have enough ex-girlfriends to make a maudlin drinking binge really unpleasant for my friends. This one went by in 2 seconds and was unnoticeable to the outside world.

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  • do you mean the Apple key?

    Cos on my swank Apple ][e it WAS an Apple.

    On my SE30 there's WAY an Apple

    On my G4 400 Apple

    Hey this kick ass PB 1.5... oh yeah... it's an Apple.

    Why would anyone ever call it something else?

    It's like the Windows key except it doesn't suck and there's 2.
    • I *never* call it the Apple key. Sure, it has an apple on it, but I don't wanna confuse people. Command-m. Or, if I'm typing directions to someone, it's "cmd-m". Remember when one was solid and the other was an outline? "Open-apple-m".

      Them's were them thar days.

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