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Comment Re:So, if you turn the phone off, (Score 1) 193

My guess would be the answer is no. There seems to be a fair amount of software involved in charging these days. iDevices turn on fully the moment you plug them in, while several generations of my Android devices take a while before they turn on the display to show charging status from a powered down state. I'm guessing whatever they are doing to disable charging, goes into whatever piece of software is running while the device is charging.

But, as I said, that's just a guess. I'm sure someone in the comments has some first hand knowledge of what goes on in phones during charging these days.

Comment Meanwhile.. (Score 1) 110

... $1000 quadcopters back here on Earth ship with multiple IMUs for redundancy, since the bloody things are about as trustworthy as your average politician.

Having made that glib remark, I'm sure it either did have redundancy, or if it didn't that was for a good reason (e.g. risk of failure deemed too low to warrant the weight penalty in adding redundancy). I would also like to think that they're using somewhat more reliable IMUs than those found in quads.

Comment The sky does not seem to be falling (Score 2) 440

From Microsoft's FAQ: "Enforcement only happens on fresh installations, with Secure Boot on, and only applies to new kernel mode drivers"

In other words, disable secure boot and it's business as usual.

From my point of view, this increases security for the vast majority of users who just buy a computer in a store and need to be protected from themselves. If you don't know enough to disable secure boot, you probably have no business installing unsigned kernel mode drivers anyway. But if you do, you can.

Comment Re:RAID (Score 1) 229

So was I, as of the mid 90s (the earliest I can claim to recall with any confidence) tape backups of all critical data were stored on-site in a fireproof safe, with an additional off-site copy.

I'm sure there were plenty of piss poor IT departments around, but I can vouch for the fact that they weren't _all_ equally inept.

Comment Re:RAID (Score 1) 229

"Rated" and "actual" are not necessarily closely related, even though it seems they should be.

I have only anecdotal evidence from having rebuilt multiple 12+ TB RAID5s at home and work to go on, but my impression is that the 10^14 figure I see quoted seems a tad pessimistic.

Having said that, backup is mandatory regardless of chosen RAID level.

Comment Re:The reason is simple (Score 1) 97

Yeah, this, although my take on it would be slightly different.

Five seconds is what they have to let me know what the ad is for, so I'll know if it's something I'd consider watching all the way through. If I can't tell what the ad is for (game, movie, shampoo, whatever) before I can click it away, it's gone. I've noticed some text, or at least a logo, tends to show up more often now than it used to. I can only guess the reason's related.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 212

A number of video editing solutions require it for functionality, though. Which was lazy of them to begin with, I'd agree, but it is what it is.

On the other hand, I don't see much reason to panic. Avoid the browser plug-in, use a different player for any video files, and I don't see what attack vectors might remain.

Comment Re:the new slow dummies in the left lane (Score 2) 748

Another way of looking at it is that predictability is an important factor. Almost regardless of speed, someone behaving unexpectedly can cause issues. Human drivers ironically tend to offer clues of their unpredictability, allowing other drivers to flag them for extra attention, while self driving cars probably does a lot less of that (stuff like weaving a bit, acting uncertain, blinking the wrong way etc.).

Of course, if all cars were self driving, the issue would vanish. I suppose it would also lessen as more and more self driving cars arrive on the roads, effectively training other drivers in how they behave.

Comment Unless it's The Luggage, (Score 4, Interesting) 220

never put anything valuable in checked in luggage.

I have one of the old "non-TSA" locks on my suitcase. I have a label on it where it states "code is 0000 while in transit", since I want to set the code wheels to something else in order to avoid accidental openings.

I'd never dream of going on a flight with something of real value to me anywhere but in my carry on. If they want to steal my socks or razor, they're welcome to them.

Comment Non-intrusive ads (Score 2) 528

I wish they would focus on shifting ads away from the current "be as annoying and in your face as possible" trend, and over to more non-intrusive forms of ads. I'm sure the reason ads have become so obnoxious is that it leads to more clicks, but that so many now choose to block them might be a good indication it's time to reevaluate.

My adblocker accepts non-intrusive ads by default. Get your ads on that whitelist and the problem is solved. Personally, I don't care about a static image or text box. I do care about blinking pop-overs with audio. Whenever I get a "we see you are running an ad-blocker, would you mind telling us why?" questionnaire from a website, I tell them the same thing.

Comment Inspire kids to be the next Woz, not Jobs (Score 5, Insightful) 266

I hope I won't be disillusioned by someone who has done research into Woz, but what I have heard of Woz has pretty much been all good. Seemingly kind hearted, personal integrity, not all about the money. While Jobs is the guy who lied to his supposed friend about how much he got paid for a project so he could embezzle money from said friend. I know which person I'd rather my children emulate.

Comment Re:It's my birthday today! (Score 1) 286

On the "glasses seems to make it worse" bit. I got my eyesight tested when I got my license at 18. I ended up with a "needs glasses" in my license since "I'd need them soon anyway".

Today, I still only use them for driving, and even then only when it's dark out. I had a test a year or two back, and tested the same as I did back at 18. They told me I would have had significantly worse vision today had I decided to wear glasses full time back then.

Also, I got back from my 40th birthday dinner half an hour ago. Hooray for me.

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