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Comment This askslashdot is another obvious troll (Score -1) 296

9/10 for trolling, but it is still obvious.

Look at the data points:
-No description of AA degree
-USMC infantry (aka grunt, if this person had any more useful aptitudes, the USMC would have placed him in a more specialized role)
-automobiles can be better... the big non issue of our times, sure they can be better, if you don't factor in infrastructure changes, and expect them to only operate at room temperature conditions year round
-alternative energy... the new religion of our time... fuel cells are storage, not generation... wind power... for cars? oh yeah, totally not a troll
-CS to compliment an ME degree... that is like studying cosmology to build rockets.

Comment This is typical for Mass (Score -1) 521

Nothing unexpected here. Last week the mayor of Boston declared that he didn't want Boston to be the kind of place where an illegal immigrant could be deported for stealing a car (which he defined as a minor crime).

We are talking about the bluest of blue states. In the ENTIRETY or statewide elected offices (legislature, governor's council, attorney general, governor's secretaries, etc) there are _less than a dozen_ Republicans. The state is an entirely owned subsidiary of the Democrat party. They still have the gall to blame every problem on Republicans, despite there being virtually none in the state government. The legislature is always coming up with these idiotic plans, and if they don't pass the first time, they just keep bringing them up every year until they pass, be it 3 years or a decade. The governor just announced his desire to raise the gas tax, because gas prices are so low and we all have so much money to spend...

You can expect this law to pass. 4th Amendment be damned, they already gutted the 2nd Amendment in that state.

Comment This is the America you can expect under Obama (Score -1, Troll) 244

This is the America you can expect under Obama. His stooge Janet Napalitano is head of the Department of Homeland Security, to which ICE reports, and somehow MPAA/RIAA IP enforcement is now a major factor in "homeland security." Say what you want about Bush, but it was a democrat president that signed the DMCA into law, and a democrat president that is overseeing this warping of homeland security into hunting down all international "pirates".

Comment Stupid post uses unrelated lead in to troll rumor (Score 0) 340

Apple can run their OS X based iCloud infrastructure on top of VMWare all they want, using INTERNAL ONLY builds of OS X that will happily boot and run within a VMWare virtual machine, and being the owner of OS X, they are not subject to their own licensing terms. For all we know, Apple already does this to support its online presence and existing services infrastructure. There is no reason to think that Apple has any interest or intentions of bringing to market an OS X license that allows it to be a guest on non apple hardware.

This whole story summary is a 1 cent rumor wrapped in a thin layer of unrelated truth.

Comment Only news because it is Fox, not CNN or MSNBC... (Score -1, Flamebait) 290

If the other two cable network news outlets had some second tier twitter account hacked, it would just be a minor footnote story about how insecure the internet is. But because it it is the evil "Faux News" who doesn't tow the progressive line, it is a major headline and an opportunity for the childlike masses to stroke themselves into a frenzy of Fox bashing and demonizing. You can start your countdown now for the Palin/Bachman/Trump troll threads and bashfests, and the unclever anti-fox KOS memes.


Submission + - Sophisticated New Android Trojan Discovered ( 1

wiredmikey writes: Security researchers have discovered a new sophisticated Trojan that has emerged in China that is affecting Android devices which can compromise a significant amount of personal data on a user’s phone and send it to remote servers.

Researchers from Lookout Mobile which discovered the Trojan, say the mobile malware is “The most sophisticated Android malware we’ve seen to date, Geinimi is also the first Android malware in the wild that displays botnet-like capabilities. Once the malware is installed on a user’s phone, it has the potential to receive commands from a remote server that allow the owner of that server to control the phone.”

What makes the Trojan different than most “standard” mobile malware is that Geinimi is being “grafted” onto repackaged versions of legitimate applications, primarily games, and distributed in third-party Chinese Android app markets...


Should Wikipedia Just Accept Ads Already? 608

Hugh Pickens writes "Large images of Jimmy Wales have for weeks dominated each and every page on Wikipedia, making Wales arguably the single most visible individual on the planet. Now Molly McHugh writes that Wikipedia is once again pleading for user donations with banners across the top of its site with memos from purported authors and this week, Wales stepped up the shrillness of his rallying cry by adding the word 'Urgent' to his appeal. Wales attempted the same request for donations last year, and failed to meet the company's goal until Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar donated $2 million and Google stepped in with another $2 million gift to the foundation. This time around the foundation is approximately $7 million short of its 2010 fundraising goal, and Wikipedia analysts are saying the site would be better off with a marketing scheme as Alex Konanykhin of WikiExperts explains that the donations-only, no-commerce model restricts Wikipedia to relying exclusively on free volunteers, losing opportunities to involve qualified professionals who charge for their time in addition to the thirty staff members already on the Wikimedia payroll. 'Advertising is not cool. You're not as cool if you have advertising. But you know what else is not cool? Begging,' writes Jeff Otte. 'We do not care if there is advertising on Wikipedia, so long as it is not ridiculously invasive. So please, replace your sensitive mug with a Steak 'n' Shake ad or something, and start making advertisers pay for people to have stuff for free and not feel bad about it. It's the Internet's way.'"

String Theory Tested, Fails Black Hole Predictions 307

eldavojohn writes "Back in 2006 there was a lot of talk of testing String Theory. Well, today CERN has released a statement for the Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment. The short of it is simply that as far as they could tell, 'No experimental evidence for microscopic black holes has been found.' The long statement indicates that since the highly precise CMS detector found no spray of sub-atomic particles of normal matter while LHC smashed particles together, the hypothesis by String Theory that micro black holes would be formed and quickly evaporated in this experiment was incorrect. These tests have given the team confidence to say that they can exclude a 'variety of theoretical models' for the cases of black holes with a mass of 3.5-4.5 TeV (1012 electron volts). Not Even Wrong points us to the arxiv prepublication for those of you well versed in Greek. While you may not be able to run around claiming that String Theory is dead and disproved, evidently there are some adjustments that need to be made."

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