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Comment Re:Security cleared (Score 2) 89

> RFC6520-- WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS EXIST? Because it's too computationally expensive for clients to re-establish SSL sessions...?! Really? My dual core 2.15ghz smart phone begs to differ.

No. It's not about CPU time, but about the time taken to establish a connection due to the TLS and TCP handshakes. I think it's only a single round trip for the TLS part (someone will surely correct me if not) but that's on top of the TCP 3 way handshake, which all adds up. You can't mitigate network latency with a faster CPU.

These are partly the same reasons for http2 by the way. Re-using a single connection means avoiding the TCP and TLS setup happening more than once.

Finally, keeping a connection open for a long time and re-using it goes some small way to avoid revealing as much metadata to snoopers, as does multiplexing a single TLS connection rather than creating many.

Comment Re:The Naked Truth (Score 4, Insightful) 1592

Please don't tell us (the whole of the UK) to f**k ourselves.

I am one of almost half the voters who wanted to remain. Almost all of my friends wanted the same. I work with people from across Europe and elsewhere on a daily basis. Some of us are very pro-Europe (although Europe is not perfect) and want to be in the EU as much as you probably do.

Some of us DO want Schengen and more open borders.
Some of us DO want a common currency. (or at least don't hate the idea)

I think I stand with much of Europe and half of the UK in saying "GO F**K YOURSELVES" to the Leave voters.

Please don't forget about us Remain voters and don't hate us! If you do, the Exit voters really HAVE won.

Comment Re:Encryption is useless (Score 2) 796

Of course it's not useless.

I use full disk encryption all of the time. The threat I'm protecting against is losing my laptop, having it stolen, or selling it and risking someone getting their hands on all my passwords etc that are saved on there.

I'd quite happily decrypt it given a warrant.

Most reasons for using encryption and other privacy tools are not about avoiding capture by law enforcement - far from it.

Having said that I am troubled by cases (and I don't know the details for this particular one) where forgotten keys or passwords somehow imply guilt.

Comment Re:This right here... (Score 1) 120

If the UK leaves the EU, that doesn't automatically mean the UK won't have to comply. Various non EU countries already have to abide by all kinds of EU rules as part of trade agreements with them.

The major difference in leaving would be that the UK no longer has any power in influencing these kinds of rules.

Comment Re:If GitHub was open source... (Score 2) 84

gitlab.com is fully open source and is enjoying good growth, including commercially.

Avoiding being open source because you don't understand how to create a modern business model around it is a problem that largely went away over a decade ago.

Keeping the lights on vs being open source is a false dichotomy.

Ultimately, gitlab (or something like it) will win, because the users will develop the features they need instead of moaning about it.

I'm not certain, but it seems you are also mixing free of charge with open source.

I'm also an open source developer, and I also use and pay for open source software. I'm much more likely to pay for open source than closed source in general.

Comment Golang, golang, golang! (Score 1) 358

For me last year (and one or two before that) it's been Go (golang) that's taken over my programming life. I've taken it from a "spare time" thing to getting many services into production using Go last year, as well as getting 3 dev teams at work using it and it's already proving more productive than java, which we've all used until now, in some cases for decades.

Look here https://github.com/trending and you will see that golang features highly now, pretty much every day. When I list the most exciting projects I've started using in the last few years, about 70% of them are in Go. When I look around me at software startups, they mostly use Go. I was also told that about 80% of startups working with Adrian Cockcroft are using Go (and he spends a lot of his time with startups in his current work)

Also, it's really fun. Seriously. Learn Go and use it.

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