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Comment Re:It isn't a carbon capture technique? (Score 1) 163

It is certainly potential carbon neutral and could if used with carbon capture actual be carbon negative.

When combined with off-shore wind farm, using the off peak energy production this technology was some great potential that could even get the sceptics motivated by their addiction to gas guzzling on side.

Submission + - Hacking Team Uses UEFI BIOS Rootkit (trendmicro.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The dissection of the data from the Hacking Team leak has yielded another critical discovery: Hacking Team uses a UEFI BIOS rootkit to keep their Remote Control System (RCS) agent installed in their targets’ systems. This means that even if the user formats the hard disk, reinstalls the OS, and even buys a new hard disk, the agents are implanted after Microsoft Windows is up and running.

Submission + - Google Throws Teachers Under the Bus, Blames Them for Tech's Diversity Problem 1

theodp writes: Over at the Google Research Blog, Director of Education and University Relation Maggie Johnson gives the diversity-challenged search giant an attaperson for its computer science outreach efforts, but throws teachers under the bus in her list of "reasons why the pipeline for technical talent is so small and why the diversity pipeline is even smaller." Johnson writes: "Many teachers are oblivious to or support the [CS] gender stereotypes by assigning problems and projects that are oriented more toward boys, or are not of interest to girls. This lack of relevant curriculum is important. Many women who have pursued technology as a career cite relevant courses as critical to their decision." Johnson also points to an earlier Google white paper that blames parents' lack of support and encouragement for keeping many girls from considering computing as a career. In the comments, retired Stanford prof Jeffrey Ullman and others challenge the low CS/CE Bachelor's degree production figures that Google offers as evidence of a looming CS worker shortage. "There seems to be a bit of misinformation here," Ullman explains. "The 16K BS/CS figure [cited by Google] appears to be taken from the most recent (2013-4) Taulbee study. But that looks at only the PhD-granting institutions." Hey, good enough for government work!

Submission + - Pluto Probe Phones Home, Data Size As Expected, Craft Feels Good (youtube.com)

Tablizer writes: YouTube User comments: "These are key moments. The probe only gets one chance to fly by the Pluto system, and it had to pass through a potential debris field around Pluto (think thin rings) and couldn't report back to Earth during the closest approach phase due to the probe's design. This is essentially the good-or-fail "phone home" news-point of the mission. The data collection size (comparable to file size) and craft conditions are reported back to be as expected, and the error log (count) is empty. After spending a decade or more on the project, this is the 4th quarter game 7 mission championship moment."

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