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Submission + - Businesses May No Longer Sue Customers Over Negative Reviews (

An anonymous reader writes: A few months I wrote about the Consumer Review Fairness Act. In a nutshell, this offers legal protections to consumers who leave negative reviews on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. You can now call out the restaurant who gave you food poisoning, or a bed-bug infested hotel without the risk of being dragged into a civil court. The long-overdue bill explicitly bans non-disparagement clauses in contracts between businesses and patrons. Over the years, there’s been a rash of people getting sued after speaking their mind online. Today, President Obama signed off on the Consumer Review Fairness Act. It’s now law. As great as this is for consumers, it’s even better for the likes of TripAdvisor and Yelp, whose business model relies on people being able to speak their minds.

Submission + - Facebook Is Outsourcing Its Fake News Problem (

mirandakatz writes: Facebook just announced how it intends to tackle what it calls “clear black-and-white hoaxes, the bottom of the barrel, worst of the worst part of the fake news”: partnering with fact-checking organizations, who will vet articles reported by users as fake news and, if those fact checkers find the piece of news to be fake, flag it with a bright red exclamation point identifying it as such. It's not a foolproof approach, and it might open Facebook up to questions about why all news-based posts aren’t subject to fact checking—but it's the beginning of what will be a long and difficult process to promote an ecology of openly shared information while mitigating toxic untruths.

Submission + - Europe looks to reduce its 50 million tons of plastic waste per year (

dkatana writes: Plastic waste is everywhere. And some European countries are better than other in recycling.

But the 50 million tons of plastic Europe discards every year are a big problem. The EU Commission is about to ban incinerating plastic or dumping it in landfills.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that plastic worth from $80 to $120 billion a year, is lost after a single use.

What the industry needs to do is eco-conception, it means “we’re not thinking about recovery at the end of the process but at the beginning,” said Jean-Marc Boursier, chairman of the French federation of waste management services, during the first Circular Economy European Summit in Barcelona.

Other ideas are encourage people to sort better, factor in the price of carbon and the environmental impact, and reduce VAT on recycled material because it was paid the first time round.

One big problem, Boursier says, is the price of virgin plastic, which has dropped with the price of oil, down almost 40% in two years. That makes recycled plastic less attractive.

Submission + - Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Information From Over 1 Billion Accounts (

An anonymous reader writes: Yahoo says it believes hackers stole data from more than one billion user accounts in August 2013. The Sunnyvale, California, company says it's a different breach from the one it disclosed in September, when it said 500 million accounts were exposed. That new hack revelation raises questions about whether Verizon will try to change the terms of its $4.8 billion proposed acquisition of Yahoo. Yahoo says the information stolen may include names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates and security questions and answers. The company says it believes bank-account information and payment-card data were not affected.

Submission + - Facebook & WhatsApp Pause Data Sharing In UK After Data Commissioner Threat

Mickeycaskill writes: Facebook and WhatsApp have temporarily stopped sharing user data after the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) called for more information about how information would be used and safeguarded.

Facebook has not committed to any such measures but has stopped the transfer of data for now. But Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham wants more.

“We also want individuals to have the opportunity to be given an unambiguous choice before Facebook start using that information and to be given the opportunity to change that decision at any point in the future,” said Denham.

“We’ll keep pushing on this, both from our office and alongside other data protection authorities across Europe, notably the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, where Facebook’s EU headquarters are based,” she said.

The UK is not alone in questioning the controversial arrangement, with the famously pro-privacy German authorities taking an interest.

Submission + - A reverse-engineering journey ( 2

ttsiod writes: My old tablet died, and I bought a new one... Just like it's predecessor, I wanted to run a Debian chroot inside it — that would allow me to apt-get install and run things like Privoxy, SSH SOCKS / VPN tunnels, Flask mini-servers, etc; and in general allow me to stay in control.

But there was no open-source way to do this... and I could never trust "one-click roots" that communicate with servers in China...

It took me weeks to reverse engineer my tablet — and finally succeed in becoming root. The journey was quite interesting, and included both HW and SW tinkering. I learned a lot while doing it — and wanted to share the experience with my fellow Slashdotters...

I am sure you guys will enjoy reading this :-) Cheers!

Submission + - The NES Mini is a $60 single board computer (and it runs Linux)

romiz writes: As the first samples of the NES Mini reach reviewers, its hardware specifications are now easy to find. With a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7, 256 MiB of RAM, and 512 MiB of NAND Flash, it is typical of the hardware found in Linux single board computers, like the RaspberryPi 2. Surprisingly for Nintendo, there does not seem to be any custom components in it, and it looks like it even does run Linux. The GPL license for the kernel and many other open source components is visible in the legal information screen. The source, however, is not available on Nintendo's open source page yet.

But it is the re-edition a 1980s video console: there is no network access, no hardware expansion port, and the 30 games cannot be changed. Changing the system runnning on it will probably be difficult.

Submission + - All New 'Starship Troopers' Reboot in the Works 1 writes: Hollywood Reporter reports that Columbia Pictures is rebooting Starship Troopers, the 1997 sci-fi film directed by Paul Verhoeven. The studio is not remaking the film but is said to be going back to the original Heinlein novel for an all-new take and no personnel from the 1997 film are involved. Verhoeven’s film, which starred Casper van Dien and Denise Richards, received critical acclaim for its surprising satire but was a disappointment at the box office, making just $121m worldwide from a $105m budget. The original movie, considered a mixed success at the time of its release went on to achieve a cult following and during the DVD boom of the 2000s, it became a mini-franchise for the studio, which produced three additional direct-to-DVD movies. The newly announced reboot is said to be more faithful to Robert A. Heinlein's original book, but is that a good idea? "Starship Troopers has been decried as promoting fascism and being racist in its creation of a society where democracy has been severely restricted and warfare against the alien "bugs" comes with its own coded terminology that hews too closely to real-world racism for many," says Graeme McMillan. "The question then becomes: in updating Starship Troopers to make it more acceptable to today's audience, can it still manage to remain faithful enough to Heinlein's original to please the existing fan base?"

Submission + - Mythbuntu Linux Distribution Has Been Discontinued

prisoninmate writes: The team behind the Mythbuntu GNU/Linux distribution sadly announced this morning that the project has been discontinued, effective immediately, and no new releases will be made. Mythbuntu was an operating system based on the widely-used Ubuntu Linux distro and built around the MythTV free and open source digital video recorder (DVR) project. The first release of the OS was back when Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) was announced, and the last one was Mythbuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus). From this point, no new releases of the Mythbuntu Linux operating system will be created, which means that there will be no new ISO images anymore. Also, the mythbuntu-desktop and Mythbuntu-Control-Centre packages are now discontinued and won't be available from the Ubuntu repositories anymore. However, users will still be able to install the MythTV software and configure it as they see fit. The Mythbuntu team recommends users who want to use "Mythbuntu" to install the latest release of the Xubuntu Linux operating system and then add the Mythbuntu PPA (Personal Package Archive), which will continue to provide the latest MythTV releases and other related packages.

Submission + - Visualizing Clinton's emails from MIT media lab. (

An anonymous reader writes: Cesar Hidalgo faculty at the MIT media lab put together a visualization tool for viewing the leaked Podesta emails. The tool neatly shows the inner circles of Hillary's staff. Even though the tool doesn't show any smoking gun for conservatives or absolving of Clinton for liberals. Cesar was bashed for being a Trump supporter, even though he is Clinton supporter. Data-set visualization here

Submission + - Security of 67 US Senate Candidate Sites Graded (

An anonymous reader writes: On Nov 1 Cybertical scanned the campaign web sites of 67 US Senate candidates and assigned a cybersecurity "GPA" and letter grade to each one. Among the findings:
- Just 33% of US Senate campaign sites require the use of HTTPS
- 61% of the sites run WordPress, compared with "just" 25% of all sites on the Internet
- 15% of all WordPress sites were running old versions (up to two years old) with 61 known vulnerabilities
- 99 account usernames were found as WordPress “authors” and 42
account usernames were found in WordPress “posts”
- A powerful administrative username was recovered from 56% of the WordPress sites, and the default "admin" user was still in place 24% of the time
- A WordPress login form was exposed to the public on 78% of the WordPress sites, and 80% of the sites would tell a hacker if a specific username was on the system or not
- Fortunately, just one of the WordPress sites (John McCain's) appeared to allow the public to register their own accounts
- There was little difference between the average GPA of Republicans and Democrats, or between incumbents and challengers

Submission + - Federal Circuit Finds Three Intellectual Venture's Patents Invalid under the May (

MikeDandan writes: The Federal Circuit recently decided a case concerning three patents owned by Intellectual Ventures I LLC (“IV”). Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. Symantec Corp., Case Nos. 2015-1769, 2015-1770, 2015-1771 (Fed. Cir. Sept. 30, 2016). The district court had invalidated U.S. Patent Nos. 6,460,050 (‘050) and 6,073,142 (‘142) and found that Claim 7 of U.S. Patent No. 5,987,610 (‘610) was patent eligible. The district court had also found that Symantec Corp. (“Symantec”) infringed Claim 7 of the ‘610 patent, leading to an $8 million judgment. On appeal, the Federal Circuit held that all three patents were patent-ineligible under 35 U.S.C. 101. Read more:

Submission + - How Google Almost Killed ProtonMail (

An anonymous reader writes: From 2015 through 2016 for nearly a year, results from searching e.g. "secure email" or "encrypted email" would vary little in most popular search engines and commonly yield mention of ProtonMail, typically within the first page. Not in Google, though. The ProtonMail team investigated and could find no cause. After receiving no substantial reply to their inquiries, ProtonMail turned to Twitter in August, where soon after, Google responded after correcting the issue. Yen, author of the ProtonMail article, writes the following in reference to what he calls "Search Risk":

"The danger is that any service such as ProtonMail can easily be suppressed by either search companies, or the governments that control those search companies. This can happen even across national borders. For example, even though Google is an American company, it controls over 90% of European search traffic. In this case, Google directly caused ProtonMail’s growth rate worldwide to be reduced by over 25% for over 10 months."

Submission + - Google Goes on Virtual Reality Hiring Spree Amid Daydream Launch (

An anonymous reader writes: Google, who began their journey into the world of modern virtual reality with 'Cardbord' in 2014 (, has since made the immersive technology central to the future of Android. The company announced Daydream (, a high-end Android VR initiative earlier this year, and announced the first Daydream ready phone and headset (the Google Pixel and Daydream View) earlier this month. Surrounding these announcements, the company has been adding significantly to its VR talent pool, publishing seven full time VR job listings in the last 30 days alone, and no less than 15 VR job listings in the last 12 months. Those new positions will augment the company's VR team which industry publication Road to VR speculates to number between 50 and 100 employees.

Submission + - Google takes aim to put down Samsung and Apple | (

Foxmedia Tv writes: Google has planned to launch two devices Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Primarily, both the devices are differentiated on size and screen resolution. Pixel is 5-inch 1080p display, while, Pixel XL is slightly bigger with 5.5-inch quad HD display. Both the devices run on Snapdragon 821 processor and have a specialized version of Google’s android software. The devices also support Daydream virtual reality platform which was announced in summer by Google I/O. For More Info :-

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