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Comment Re:Sci-fi not predicting far enough? (Score 1) 479

Some of the jokes surrounding the


French character had me doubled over laughing. "Laterre" and "Magna Feeks" or whatever. Hilarious.

Liked the book a lot. The ending fell apart a little (especially the heavily foreshadowed last major plot event/action sequence that never materialized) but it was still pretty good. I think Cryptonomicon is still my favorite of his novels, but Anathem is solidly second.

However, I (finally) read A Canticle for Leibowitz just prior to reading Anathem as I'd heard that they were similar (not so much, as it turns out) and didn't want my reading of the earlier novel to be tainted by the later one, and... well, it's in a whole different class, aside from bearing only a passing resemblance in terms of story. I haven't read everything by Stephenson yet, but I doubt he's got anything that's even close to it. It's one of the few sci-fi books I've read that I could have read right after tackling one of the canonical literary classics without being jarred by the sudden drop in quality of prose and general execution of the story and themes.

Comment Re:Not wristwatches (Score 1) 778

Yet Apple released the iphone, because they realised that people weren't going to carry around an ipod and a phone.

Yet I still carry around an iPod and a phone. Granted, it's not an iPhone, but it plays MP3s, and has a SD card slot, so there's nothing stopping me from using just my phone. One could argue that it's because I prefer the iPod's media interface, but even if I had an iPhone, I'd STILL carry both, because the iPod has twice as much storage space as the iPhone. And that's only if I limit myself to the iPod Touch. If I were carrying a normal iPod, the iPhone can't even begin to compete with it in terms of storage space.

Watches are just jewellery nowadays.

No. People wear, and use, watches all the time. Just because you don't use a thing doesn't make it obsolete for most of the world.


Submission + - Vista Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) is down (microsoft.com) 1

z3razerviper writes: "It appears that Vista's Windows Genuine Advantage seems to be down causing all sorts of problems for Vista users trying to download patches for their shiny OS. Oddly enough things get much less shiny when WGA disables Aero and other features once it decides your copy of Vista is invalid. Microsoft WGA Vista Forum: http://forums.microsoft.com/Genuine/"

Submission + - Vista WGA Validation servers down! (microsoft.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Windows Vista Validation Servers have gone down, causing legitament versions of Vista to report themselves as stolen. It is crippling features that users have paid for.

Submission + - Dell lays off 200 at small-town call center

mr_josh writes: "Dell closed its Roseburg, OR call center this morning, giving its employees less than 24 hours notice. FTFA:

"They've already had all of our checks cut," said another employee, Travis Dominguez. "They knew the whole thing was coming and everything."

Roseburg is a small (about 25,000 people) timber town in southern Oregon, and it was a pretty big deal when this call center opened in 2002. They were given huge property tax incentives at the time of their opening, and those incentives are about to run out. Also, some employees from the call center put together a lawsuit several months ago, "claiming Dell violated federal and state wage and hour laws."


http://www.newsreview.info/article/20070802/NEWS/7 0802014"

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