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Submission + - Secret American Spy-plane Snooping on Chinese Spac (fellowgeek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: China has decided that they want to own space. That’s okay! It’s been a while since we’ve had a good ol’ fashioned space race. Apparently, though, China’s space ambitions are bothering the US military. That top secret X-37B space plane whose mission was described as being to "demonstrate a reliable, reusable, unmanned space test platform for the United States Air Force?" It’s on almost the exact same orbit as China’s current spacelab and future space station Tiangong-1.
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Journal Journal: Ron Paul in West Virginia Caucuses 7

Iowa caucuses are coming up in a few days, everybody is looking at that, I think Ron Paul has more chances than anybody else there, however few people are thinking beyond Iowa, but there is an interesting case of West Virginia now, where only Romney and Paul are registered for Republican primaries.

Submission + - Amazing Trans-Atlantic Amateur Balloon Flight In P (aprs.fi)

cjsnell writes: "An amateur high altitude balloon was launched in San Jose, CA on Sunday by some ham radio enthusiasts. Their balloon achieved a rare "float": instead of bursting, it maintained an altitude of ~105Kft and headed east over the continental US. Amazingly, it crossed over Atlantic City, NJ at 2200 local time. The amateur ballooning community was going nuts because this may have been the first-ever transcontinental amateur balloon flight. The balloon continued out over the ocean until it disappeared ~500 miles off Nantucket. ...and then suddenly, at 1100 MST this morning, radio repeaters in the Azores islands off of Africa started hearing the balloon! Incredibly, it was still aloft and trucking towards Europe/Africa at ~150mph! If it makes it, this will be a new record for the first-ever transatlantic amateur flight. What's more amazing is that teams from engineering schools have been launching balloons from the east coast for years, trying to achieve an Atlantic transit. Out of nowhere, two guys who clean swimming pools for a living launch a balloon from Northern California and break every major record in amateur ballooning in a day. They launched three other balloons on Sunday, one of which set a new altitude record of 136,000 ft. Unbelievable.

Track it: http://aprs.fi/?call=K6RPT-11"


Submission + - NASA Developing Comet Harpoon for Sample Return (scienceblog.com)

An anonymous reader writes: NASA appears t have decided that the best way to grab a sample of a rotating comet that is racing through the inner solar system at up to 150,000 miles per hour while spewing chunks of ice, rock and dust may be to avoid the risky business of landing on it. Instead, researchers want to send a spacecraft to rendezvous with a comet, then fire a harpoon to rapidly acquire samples from specific locations with surgical precision while hovering above the target.

Submission + - Chevron Bites Back (wizbangblog.com)

sanzibar writes: Chevron filed a RICO lawsuit against those behind the Ecuadorian case including: the lead attorney Steven Donziger; Stratus Consulting; and Maest. As part of their lawsuit, Chevron obtained through discovery, outtakes from a documentary film called “Crude” that show Donziger and Maest colluding to ignore their own scientific findings and make up some new unsubstantiated claims .

Details of the RICO pleading can be found here:


Submission + - Inorganic artificial life? (newscientist.com)

ManicMechanic writes: A researcher at University of Glasgow claims he has created living cells made of metal instead of carbon, and he thinks he can make them evolve during his next seven month experiment.
Open Source

Submission + - Group Funding for Open Source Projects (gun.io)

PowerMacG4 writes: There's a new way to get your bugs fixed. Gun.io, a new site for "no-hassle, winner-take-all freelance gigs, by hackers, for hackers", just released free group funding support for open source projects. "We're like Kickstarter, in that we believe that people can do great things when they put their money together, but our implementation is different. [...] Gigs posted here aren't by people who want to be pre-paid for their work, but by people who want to see work done."
Your Rights Online

Submission + - Patents To Be Traded Like Stocks (marketwatch.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The Intellectual Property Exchange International, Inc. and related entities (IPXI) announced today the completion of a $10 million funding round by a group of U.S. and European investors including CBOE Holdings, Inc., parent of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the world's largest options exchange and creator of listed options, and Royal Philips Electronics (Philips), the world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting.

Submission + - Facebook censors local PR disaster (blogspot.com)

Mhrmnhrm writes: A group of school students in the NE Ohio Mayfield City School District have been raising money and taking an annual trip to the local Target retail store to help children in crisis situations. Until this year. Then when the news starts flying across Facebook, it becomes "Story Non Grata," and all posts/comments/responses to it summarily deleted.

Submission + - Remotely Access your Android phone from desktop (googez.com)

AyeshaAhmed writes: Have you ever been busy at work and missed calls and messages on your Android phone? If so you have your problems solved. In this post I have reviewed 3 apps that will enable you to remotely access your Android phone right from your desktop browser!

Submission + - Researchers Use AI to Predict Slashdot Comment Rat (drexel.edu) 2

robot captain writes: "Researchers at Drexel University have published a paper that uses machine learning to predict the rating of individual comments on Slashdot. Rather than replace user-based comment ratings entirely, they argue that their approach can be used to augment crowdsourced discussion filtering systems in order to accomodate for their weaknesses. The researchers are currently partnering up with a team of ethnographers and conducting a larger study that they hope will improve the ability to predict ratings by relying more on linguistic analysis. They offer a means to opt out of any data collection related to this research (https://psal.cs.drexel.edu/optout/)."

Submission + - Supreme Court of Mauritius: GPL Have No Copyright (gnumonks.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Somebody, under oath is stating at the Supreme Court of Mauritius, that GPL-Licensed software (which the Linux kernel definitely is), has no copyright restrictions. From the published document — Licenses of open-source software like "Linux" and "Asterisk" have no copyright restrictions which in effect puts no restrictions on their use or distribution. As a consequence, any work which is derived from the open source software as conceptualized, created, installed and managed, by the Applicant becomes the ownership of the Applicant.

Submission + - Human powered multicopter ready for flight (suasnews.com)

garymortimer writes: WASHINGTON: University of Maryland students are all set to make history this Wednesday by test-flying their human-powered helicopter for the first time.

With hopes of propelling them towards winning the Sikorsky Prize, a team of more than 50 graduate and undergraduate students from the A. James Clark School of Engineering will be taking their helicopter, Gamera, for its maiden voyage, reports the Discovery News.

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