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Comment This Was My Only Reason for Using Chrome (Score 1) 266

Although I eventually switched back to Firefox, when they finally added this critical feature, the ability to "close all to the right" was the main reason I used Chrome for several years before that. I use it at least 10 times a day. I will never again use a browser without it.

Comment Not Enough Real 3D (Score 1) 435

Most 3D is very subtle and lacks much depth. It's even worse when it's a post conversion. If I'm watching a movie and I have to struggle to even see the 3D, why would I bother? I'll only put up with the glasses and the darker image if the 3D really pops. Avatar, Coraline, Beowulf and The Polar Express were pretty good at that. Most other 3D movies, not so much.

That being said, I do own a 3D TV and projector and I still like to check out the handful of better 3D movies out there, from time to time. IMO, it's not worth watching on a TV, even a 65". It's a much better experience on a large screen that fills your view.

Comment It has the opposite effect on me. (Score 1) 189

Just popped in my first bluray in months, the other night. Took me close to 10 minutes to start the movie after all of the piracy warnings, studio advertisements, ratings advisories, etc. All they're doing is punishing the people who did what they wanted, and encouraging people like me to go back to torrenting.

I haven't pirated music, on the other hand, since they removed the DRM and started selling songs at a reasonable price. It's not worth the effort for music, I'm happy to pay. But it most certainly is for movies.

Comment Re:I wonder why (Score 2, Insightful) 789

Yeah, I never really saw this reported as "news" anywhere (not that it wasn't eventually picked up on several blog sites). This was more of a discussion board/twitter "investigation." I never really gave it much credibility, but when all the MSM sites start yelling "fake news" in unison, it does peak my curiosity. It's not like pedophile scandals are that rare among people in power.

It might be inaccurate news, but I have no doubt that the people looking into this believe its real.

Comment This is why I cut the cord in the first place. (Score 1) 77

I cancelled my satellite, because I got tired of subsidizing all of the sports fans. Their movie and TV show catalog is pretty pathetic as is. And more and more, I'm not even getting the two day shipping I was promised. If Amazon goes this route, I'll cancel the first time I see an increase in the membership costs. I was already on the fence as is.

Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 1) 382

The problem is that it's just like Brexit. The more you point out that it's a terrible idea and sure to end in disaster, the more people reject expert advice and facts and go with their feelings.

And yet, Brexit didn't turn out to be the disaster that was predicted. More often than not, the "experts" are just going with their feelings as well. The sky isn't actually falling as often as people would like to believe.

As for Clinton, are you really not including Libya and Syria on that list? Benghazi aside, she bragged, in her own e-mails as to being the driving force behind removing Ghadaffi. The region is in chaos and refugees are fleeing everywhere. Siding with the "rebels" against Assad hasn't worked out too well either. Hundreds of thousands are dead due to her regime change games.

Comment ICANN Transfer (Score 1) 194

This is a slippery slope and it's one of the reasons we shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken, by giving up control over domain assignments. We have more of a hands off tradition over here that other countries do not necessarily share.

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