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Comment Re:Good for everyone. (Score 1) 165

I happen to live in California, and while autonomous vehicles will have to deal with mountains eventually, that's not their primary target. If I want to see snow, the mountains are a couple hours away. Chains or 4WD/AWD are required. I would guess this will be one of the last holdouts for human drivers. However, they don't get buried under multiple feet of lake effect snow over and over again throughout the course of a winter, which was really the problem I was thinking of -- and a problem that must be tackled if these cars are to see any success in Michigan, northeast Illinois, northern Indiana and Ohio, upstate New York, and southern Ontario. It's not a substantial problem here, as we lack massive bodies of fresh water for systems to tap into, freeze, and dump on the land.

I also said "sunny days in California don't expose the hazards", and there are many of them. While the other conditions certainly exist, they aren't as relentless even if they can be as episodically intense. That's part of why people pay so damn much to live here!

Comment Good for everyone. (Score 4, Insightful) 165

This is actually good news for everyone, not just people in Michigan. If self-driving vehicles can deal with the weather conditions there, they should be able to deal with them in the rest of the country, and most other countries as well. Sunny days in California don't expose the hazards posed by rain, snow, slush, and black ice.

Comment Re:A perfect Christmas gift... (Score 1) 188

If you pull the drivers or otherwise open the box and find chips in it, you have a shit box. 3/16 is insane for anything other than a portable system where weight is at an absolute premium (I'd rather have heavy magnets and light boxes than light magnets and heavy boxes), but 3/8 can be done well. As you have noted, the thinner it is, the more critical it is that everything fits perfectly because there is less edge adhesive holding everything together.

It's also true that there is a large difference between studio monitors and stage gear. Stage gear often compromises on fidelity for the sake of power handling and portability. These Tannoys would be near useless in a nightclub – they'd never be heard, and the advantages of Dual Concentric are mostly lost more than ten feet away. That's exactly why there are different types of gear. :)

Comment Re:A perfect Christmas gift... (Score 3, Informative) 188

Most speakers, even high-quality ones, are medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with a wood veneer over them. Real wood has resonances, MDF much less so.

I have a pair of Tannoy SRM-12B studio monitors at my workstation and they look like wood, but they're clearly not as revealed by the places where the incredibly thin (about 0.7mm I'd say) wood finish has broken away. They still work perfectly. I am driving them with a mere 80W/ch class AB solid-state amplifier, but they can't handle more than 100W/ch anyhow. They have self-resetting breakers though, which I have seen get tripped once or twice when the amp has fed them a nasty transient. (The amp itself also has similar protection, and sometimes it's a race to see which one trips first. If it resets in seconds, the amp tripped. If it resets in minutes, the speakers tripped.)

In any case, these are hardly what you'd consider cheap crap. They are 40 years old, but are absolutely professional quality. They're 5/8 inch thick MDF.

Comment Re:The survey between the commercials. (Score 1) 137

The trick is to time it so that you're just getting caught up to the real-time stream as the game ends. You know the result at about the same time as everyone else, and you don't have to sit through halftime, or commentary, or God Bless America in the seventh inning. (That one is a particular pet peeve of mine.)

Another thing you can do is watch one event live and use the DVR to skim another during the commercials and commentary and dead time. Or, you can turn your attention from a game that looks like a foregone conclusion, but record it just in case it ends up in an epic comeback.

I stream sports sometimes, but it's either because I can't watch it live without going to a sports bar (no cable/satellite), or because it's not one of the Big Four – or even American. I've become quite the fan of snooker over the last four years, as evidenced by the fact that I consider the final of the 2015 World Championship to be one of the best, most riveting sporting events I've ever watched. Eleven and a half hours, and I watched it all (no skimming), though not all in one sitting. Even if I could have watched it live, recording it would have allowed cutting out inter-frame time, the mid-session intervals, and pointless "hype" commentary, and go to double speed during the times when a player spends three minutes pondering a particularly nasty position. This can easily cut two hours out of those eleven and a half, without missing anything.

Comment Re:Tired of this shit. (Score 1) 179

With a 64-bit signed seconds value you can go +/- 292 billion years. With a 64-bit value for the fractional part, you could easily increase the resolution to attoseconds (1E-18, 60 bits). Both those limits are not very constraining.

Sure, you say that now, but when it comes time to fix the Y2.92×10^6K bug, are you willing to pay for it?

Submission + - Game Engine Behind 'Star Wars Battlefront', 'Battlefield, and More is VR-capable (roadtovr.com)

An anonymous reader writes: EA DICE is well known for Frostbite, the company's proprietary game engine which powers the amazing visuals of 'Star Wars Battlefront' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGyaR2sSBkA) and other huge franchises like 'Battlefield' and 'Mirror's Edge'. Now it's confirmed that the engine has been adapted for virtual reality. The upcoming 'Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission' on PlayStation VR is indeed built on Frostbite, rather than ready-made VR engines like Unreal Engine or Unity, as some had suspected. Road to VR suggests the adaptation of Frostbite for VR means more Triple-A VR content to come from EA.

Submission + - Magnus Carlsen Defends World Chess Champ Title (worldchess.com)

Wargames writes: All tied up 6-6 after 12 rounds of normal games, GM Magnus Carlsen defeated challenger GM Sergey Karjakin in four rapid chess playoff rounds with a 3-1 score (9-7 overall) to defend his title as World Chess Champion. The final playoff game ended in a stunning queen sacrifice for a great birthday present since the playoff's were played on the champ's birthday.

Comment Re:Future human habbitation (Score 1) 113

It's probably still heavily mixed with salts and/or chlorine compounds. They might be solid inclusions because of the freezing process, but it will still be necessary to treat the water before using. That's not to say the water isn't immensely useful -- it will be! It just may take more work than "hey let's put a farm next to it and mine ice".

Comment Re:NY DA and the rest can GET FUCKED (Score 0) 215

All you little people, all you technologists, all you celebrities, all the way up to Tim Cook? You can go fuck yourselves. We want to live in a world where only the rich, powerful, and the government are the only ones entitled to keep their data safe. We don't give a flying fuck about your obsessive-compulsive need to hide everything, own your data, and control your own life; go take your meds, go call your therapist, go take a time-out somewhere cool dark and quiet, but get the hell out of our faces, out of our way, out of your meddling! We are not making us 'safe', we are making this country by the money, of the money, and for the money safe from the ravages of democracy. FUCK YOU, BUDDY!

Comment Re:Way to become a Chromebook. (Score 1) 478

SATA SSDs are cheaper. They're also quite a bit slower (except for random 4k reads and writes) because they are bandwidth-constrained by the SATA III bus to somewhat less than 600MB/s (typically around 520-550MB/s). Even the $80 SSD I bought for my C720 saturates this on both reads AND writes. You'll pay 50-100% more for NVMe, but if you have the interface, it's quite worthwhile to take advantage of it as the saturated bandwidth is in excess of five times that of SATA III.

Comment Re:This is nice, but... (Score 1) 108

This is true, the slot is SATA III only. However, last I checked, there were no NVMe SSDs in 2242 form factor anyhow. 2260, yes, but the C720 only has space for a 2242.

Also the mPCIe connector is generally missing, although it is included on the ones intended for WWAN use. There is a hack out there that turns the missing mPCIe contacts into an extra USB port, but I fear neither my hands nor my eyes are up to the task any longer.

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