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Comment Re:Capital One - not in my wallet! (Score 1) 112

Switch to Chase, they're very good about this. Recently, someone got hold of my CC# and was trying to buy gas with it several states away. They emailed me immediately, and I saw this notification within minutes and called them up. They went over recent charges with me, marked them as fraudulent, then asked me if I saw any other suspicious charges (I spotted one other from 2 weeks before), which they also immediately flagged. Then they closed out the card and sent me new cards via overnight courier, and informed me if when I check my statement if I see any other bad charges to let them know.

Comment Re:No conflict of interest there (Score 1, Insightful) 572

Only if you're an idiot (and the same to those who modded this insightful).

There are many legal ways to get money that does not harm anyone. You can't say the same about child pornography.

There is a huge difference between a demand for something that can be generated legally and without harm, and a demand for something that can only be generated through illegal and harmful means.

Comment Re:Braid & quick-save/quick-load (Score 5, Informative) 106

You fail at reading comprehension.

Braid did far more than just rewind - which was one of its constant mechanics. Other features include:

Some levels the direction of time of everything else in the world depends on the direction you walk.
Some levels featured entities that were 'immune' to time rewind
Some levels featured the interactive 'shadow'
Some levels combined multiple of the above

An example of this is one level where you actually let an enemy fall onto you, so that you 'die' and the enemy bounces off your head, then you rewind and play it forwards, again, this time jumping on the head of the enemy as it bounces off your 'shadow' previous self, to reach a high platform.

Comment Re:Always been this way (Score 1) 536

I remembering buying some SNES carts for $60 to $70 (like Killer Instinct) 15 years ago.

The article also doesnt cover the fact that Microsoft and Sony have licensing fees and development costs are higher (expensive devkits and software required in addition to regular hardware and software). These are the reasons why PC games are $10 cheaper.

As the move to downloadable games, you wont see significant drops in prices - hosting and bandwidth costs to deliver the goods still exist, and inflation continues. Additionally, market exposure is significantly less, so sales will be lower on digital-only titles. This means $50 will be the new 'cheap' (from the developers perspective) even for downloadable-only titles.

Comment Re:Dirigible. (Score 2, Informative) 281

It seems to me that most airplane crashes with fatalities have near 100% fatality rates.

2/3s of the people on the Hindenburg (62 out of 97) survived.

The Akron was a deadlier crash, with only 3 out of 86 surviving. That crash was deemed to be operator error. More might have survived if it hadn't been over ocean in a storm.

R101 was 6 out of 54 survivors. The R101 suffered from equipment failure, resulting in the loss of a gas bag. The crash may have been avoided (or less deadly) except for a design flaw. The airship itself also had many problems, which were covered up during construction.

Comment Not Free, but... CodeWarrior (Score 4, Interesting) 1055

Not free, and also no longer sold for Windows, but it's my favorite IDE of all time. I still use CW9 on Windows for anything that doesn't require absolute latest C++ compiler/libs (mainly, my MUD, which I do my dev on Windows, but run it on a Linux server).

CodeWarrior has a feature no other current Windows-based IDE has - independent free floating edit windows without being locked into an MDI container with grey backdrop. I'd gladly pay a few hundred dollars for a modern, actively supported editor that had such a feature (I hear SlickEdit has been planning it, but they have yet to deliver).

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