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Comment Bad reviews also for anti-right-wing artists in US (Score 1) 478

This sort of thing has been in full force in the US for nearly the past 8 years; organized downvote brigades have attacked entertainers that have voiced criticisms against right-wing opinions or politicians. For example, Quentin Tarantino is under massive attack for comments on the police iduring the BLM movements. His latest movie was downvoted massively (Hateful Eight) even before it came out. Even his older movies have been under attack. J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series is under similar attack for her comments against Trump and Brexit, and her positions on Twitter. Her latest movie (Fantastic Beasts) have attracted a string of -ve reviewers. Amy Schumer attracts an unbelievable level of vitriol due to her anti-Trump comments. The list goes on.

The strategy is discussed and coordinated on right-wing Talk Radio and alt-right websites.

Comment They chose to lose the battle to win the war (Score 2) 566

I feel that the Republicans chose to deal with the short-term humiliation of being perceived as being unable to repeal Obamacare for strategic reasons.

The folks who hate Obamacare are a loud minority in their party. They can safely be ignored for a while.

The folks who would have lost coverage and been worse of with Obamacare repealed would have fucked them in the next election. As it is, these guys will still vote Republican in 2018.

So they let Obamacare stay. Big deal. They will dismantle regulations, start teaching religion in schools, pack the Supreme Court with Corporate-owned mouthpieces with no pushback.

Comment Re:Finalize with a dealer, screw that (Score 1) 59

Little guy? Auto dealers are owned by some of the wealthiest humans who have ever existed. In a given area, many of them are owned by the same guy!

When you go from one dealer to the other, all you are getting is a different salesperson, so you the only negotiating power you have is over his commission.

Comment Re:CROOKED hillary will be busted by Donald J. Tru (Score 1) 477

You can very easily control immigration... by issuing a national ID to citizens and legal immigrants only, implementing an easy verification system and putting the onus of verification on the employers. No need to build a wall.

The IDs can be issued at Govt expense, thus neutralizing complaints from democrats that it would be unfair to poor people. Also tie the reception of benefits to said ID.

The IDs can also be used to verify voters, thus neutralizing republican complaints about crooked voting.

Assuming $20 per ID (a vast overestimate), you can issue such IDs to every single one of the $400M american citizens for $8B. Far cheaper than building and maintaining walls!

Also, aggressive enforcement; if an employer is found to have employed someone without verification, punitive fines. I find it ridiculous that farmers can go on national TV and bemoan their inability to hire illegals, with no repercussions whatsoever!

No jobs and no benefits means no incentive for illegals to come and stay here. Also a natural motivation for self-deportation. No "roundups" or "camps" necessary.

Comment Re:Hillary vs Trump (Score 1) 879

Actually young single women are far less likely to identify as feminists than older, married women. This may be because of self preservation... men don't tend to want to go out with/commit to women whom they see as natively hostile to their gender. A married woman or an older woman who no longer require/depend on male attraction can afford to be seen as openly feminist.

But Hillary's core constituency is definitely feminist... and of the more militant shade. The bulk of her support from women who are 50 or older, post-menopause, generally angry and bitter for their perceived loss of status due to old age/discrimination and who have hostile attitudes towards men in general.

Comment Re:Still feels like an early beta (Score 1) 111

It is worse than that. It has taken huge backwards strides in stability, in the past 4-6 months to the point where it is unusable. Kwin crashes randomly. The entire desktop freezes up when you try to move windows around. Menu items in the filemanager randomly stop working. Unfortunately gnome is not too much better either at the moment, so I am back to using a regular window manager. Hopefully they get their act together fast.

Comment Re:Chauvinism is alive and well in 2016 (Score 1) 786

This may be a problem with my own reading comprehension, but I am not sure I understand the point you are making. The only thing that jumped out at me was your sentence, "Some people, a surprisingly large number of people, simply do not respect women. At all. Even other women.". But I'm afraid I don't see how the rest of your article backs up this claim.

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