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Submission + - ADHD Drug to treat Cocaine and Marijuana addiction

Philistine writes: A recent study may have allowed seven crack cocaine addicts to live out their wildest dreams. Each of them was paid to test the effects of mixing cocaine with the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder drug atomoxetine (also known as Strattera). The medication creates a sensation similar to a low dose of cocaine, making it easier for addicts to kick their habit without suffering from withdrawal symptoms. During rehabilitation, patients often relapse and use their drug of choice. This first study showed that even if someone slips up and uses cocaine while taking atomoxetine in rehab, the combination will not kill them. Three clinical trials are currently underway to test the effectiveness of using the same drug to treat marijuana dependence in adolescents and adults. Is it really a good idea to replace marijuana with a drug that creates a sensation similar to cocaine? Even if marijuana is not a gateway drug, this treatment could certainly cause kids to develop a taste for coke.

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