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Ruby Dropped In Netbeans 7 140

An anonymous reader writes "Ruby/RoR in NetBeans made headlines three years ago, but after Sun was acquired by Oracle there where fears that support for dynamic languages would suffer, as this IDE would be downsized. This has become a reality, since as of version 7, NetBeans will no longer support Ruby."

French Prisoners Get Their Own Tour de France Screenshot-sm 1

Maybe it hasn't occurred to anyone that they might try to peddle away or maybe French prison guards just like a challenge, but a select group of French prisoners will be let out of jail next month to participate in their own Tour de France. Almost 200 prisoners will hit the open road and race 1,400 miles around France, closely watched by 124 guards and prison sports instructors. "This project aims to help these men re-integrate into society by fostering values like effort, teamwork and self-esteem. We want to show them that, with some training, you can achieve your goals and start a new life," said Sylvie Marion of the prison authority.

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