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Comment Re:Paging Mr. Roark (Score 4, Insightful) 616

It is an ethical issue and the majority fail to understand the position. Just because we make compromises out of strong desires and self interest (raising kids) doesn't make those acts (writing proprietary software to feed ones children) justifiable. Writing proprietary software is not justifiable no matter how much you want to feed your children.

Writing proprietary software is perfectly okay. I don't have to give away my work for free, although sometimes I do.

Comment Re:We're gonna lose a lot. (Score 4, Interesting) 636

I actually did this a few weeks ago, I lived Cringley's dream, and it sucks. My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S II, which just had the Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" release for it on T-Mobile, my carrier. That means that I can now plug my phone into my monitor via HDMI (with a cheap cable), type with a bluetooth keyboard, and use a bluetooth mouse. I went and bought those three things the day after I upgraded the phone. I used it for about an hour. It just isn't a usable setup.

Comment Re:Difficulty or Popularity or Medium Popularity? (Score 1) 185

-Does javascript span more projects, i.e. I have a C# based web-project, but still use javascript for the UI.

I think that has a lot to do with it. I mostly do C, Ruby, and Python, but I've had to do JavaScript a lot more than I would expect, and my knowledge of it is still rather limited. I know programming and software development both rather well, but I've never put the time to really learn JavaScript.

Comment Re:The 1% are insulated (Score 0) 1799

98% of us wish that the 1% who are claiming to be the 99% would stop pretending they're speaking for us.

Best comment in the whole article. Since when did 99% of the world become a bunch of communists/socialists/anarchists/whatever?

Let's sum up the argument. Rich people run companies that employ you, and those same companies sell the stuff you buy, so therefore you are their SLAVE, and they are the MASTER!

Umm, no, I'm an employee. The paycheck gets deposited in my bank account every two weeks (OOH, EVIL BANKS). I show up because I think it is an equitable business arrangement. If I didn't think so, then I'd stay home (an option I don't think real slaves ever had: "I don't want to pick cotton today!" Yeah I'm sure that would have gone over well back then.) My employer seems to also think it is a good business relationship, or else they would fire me.

Same thing goes for the other side. I buy something. I think I'm getting a deal. As a simple example, I bought the keyboard I'm typing on. Could I have made one myself? Possibly, but it would have been quite an effort on my part, and the end product would have probably have sucked. They get money and I get a good product, it's a happy business exchange.

The principal error in thought for these sorts of people is as such: poverty is a problem, but wealth is not. The latter does not cause the former. They don't seem to get that. That, and they are a bunch of greedy little bastards who can't stand that there are people out there with more and nicer stuff then them. They would rather make everybody a little bit poorer, or even a lot, as long as nobody has more than they do. Do you have everything you need? Then what are you complaining about? If they actually cared about anybody they would be helping out at a soup kitchen or a food bank, not doing this sort of nonsense.

Comment Re:How about..... (Score 1) 615

About 2004 while I was finishing up my BS degree, the professor brought us a bunch of those old purple sheets for a handout one day; I hadn't seen them since around 1987 or thereabout. Apparently both photocopiers had broke in the math/comp. sci. departmental office, but she saw that sitting in the corner and it still worked.

Comment Re:Yahoo's "user oriented" culture (Score 1) 311

That's when I quit using ANY online email account. I basically stopped using the computer for almost a year, and all of it was gone. Really pissed me off at the time, still does a little bit. If I can't download it to my hard drive, I don't want it for email. And Yahoo! Mail! sucked! anyway!, so! I! don't! know! why! I! even! used! it! to! begin! with!

Ontario School Bans Wi-Fi 287

St. Vincent Euphrasia elementary school in Meaford, Ont. is the latest Canadian school to decide to save its students from the harmful effects of Wi-Fi by banning it. Schools from universities on down have a history of banning Wi-Fi in Ontario. As usual, health officials and know-it-all scientists have called the move ridiculous. Health Canada has released a statement saying, "Wi-Fi is the second most prevalent form of wireless technology next to cell phones. It is widely used across Canada in schools, offices, coffee shops, personal dwellings, as well as countless other locations. Health Canada continues to reassure Canadians that the radiofrequency energy emitted from Wi-Fi equipment is extremely low and is not associated with any health problems."

Comment Re:1984 (Score 1) 1238

There are a whole lot more facts in civil engineering than in history. A bridge either will fall down under load or it won't, it's rather cut and dry. In history though, often the "facts" aren't even a matter of interest. Christopher Columbus got here in 1492, that is a fact, and a textbook written by Libertarians would state the same year as a textbook written by Marxists. A history book is full of interpretations of those facts, and that is exactly what changes depending upon the author. Whereas one might speak of Columbus as ushering in the start of a great and manifest destiny for the eventual United States, another might talk about the negative effects on the native peoples. The facts are the same, it is the interpretation that changes, and having an interpretation that most people would agree with seems the most reasonable course.

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