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Submission + - Lifecell Review - Another Scam in the Market (youtube.com)

adinatolar writes: "Lifecell wrinkle cream is the talk of the town. The company claims the product processes the compound that has been awarded Nobel Prize, through a the natural way occurring compound. They think this is a breakthrough technology in skincare industry as it removes facial lines visibly in seconds. Number of Dermatologists has accepted Lifecell wrinkle cream. Lifecell not only works on skin that sags but also as an eye cream that focuses on under eye dark circles and puffiness."

Submission + - SPAM: How to Charge a laptop battery effective

ltpower writes: Claims of fast charging laptop battery in one hour or less usually results in lower charge levels. Such a charger simply eliminates stage two and goes directly into 'ready' once the voltage threshold is reached at the end of stage one. The charge level at this point is about 70%. The topping charge typically takes twice as long as the initial charge.

Depending on the charger and the self discharge of the laptop battery, a topping charge may be implemented once every 500 hours or 20 days. Typically, the charge kicks in when the open terminal voltage drops to 4.05 volts per cell and turns off when it reaches 4.20V/cell.

No trickle charge is applied because the laptop batteries for laptop is unable to absorb overcharge. Trickle charge could cause plating of metallic lithium, a condition that makes the cell unstable. Instead, a brief topping charge is applied to compensate for the small amount of self-discharge the laptop battery and its protective circuit consume.

Submission + - How to Desolder! (desolderingpump.net)

McMuffinMan22 writes: Desoldering is a fine art form that many wont consider anything more than an industrial task that needs to be done. What is desoldering you might ask? Well if soldering is the task of binding two parts or components together, desoldering is the removal of the two. The unfortunate issue is that the solder (the metal used to bind the objects) has now solidified, and is pretty much rigidly in place. To Desolder you first need to apply a desoldering iron, which basically heats the solder material to a hot enough temperature that it melts. Now that this binding material is in a liquid state, you need to remove it. But how does one do this without damaging nearby components? With what is known in the Biz as a desoldering pump. This nifty little devices create a temporary vacuum that sucks the melted solder up off the surface of the component you are working on. You get severl types of desoldering pumps, depending on how pro you are and what application you are applying it to. Once you have removed the solder on that particular spot, keep heating and sucking up that solder, and eventually your components should finally be able to be seperated!

Submission + - SPAM: Yes, You Can Rank on Page One of Google Now

A-Team2 writes: "Roof Repair in Orlando by [spam URL stripped] is a glimpse at our video marketing and production system for local business promotions. Video promotions is all about page one of the search engines. We make high quality HD videos, but what we are really about is getting our clients on page one of Google for roof repair or for whatever is the desired keyword.

By utilizing us, all those prospects looking for your area of expertise, say; roof repair in Orlando, will see your video on page one, guaranteed.

Our videos are uniquely fitted too each company we work with. Think of it, your company staring in your own professional HD videos and they are a box office ‘Page One’ smash! Every month you will be getting in front of 100's even 1,000's of motivate customers.

You’re company can be among the select few who rank and stay on page one of the search engines. Whether for carpentry in Tampa or roof repair in Orlando by calling us now at; (888) 601-3737 you can rank where you need to rank; Page One."

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