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Submission + - Time may fly erratically, come September (nerc.com) 1

ibsteve2u writes: "Field trials for the elimination of the time error correction (the intentional increase or decrease of the 60 Hz frequency many household clocks rely upon to keep time in order to compensate for load-driven variations) applied to the nation's electricity grid are tentatively scheduled to begin in September:

While it is intuitively obvious that any frequency offset that moves target frequency away from the reference point to which all other frequency sensitive devices (such as relays) have been indexed will have a potential impact on those devices' performance, the industry has by and large regarded Time Error Corrections as harmless and necessary as part of the service it provides to its customers. However, in light of this data, NERC's stakeholders are now questioning whether or not the intentional movement closer to (or in some cases, further away from) the trigger settings of frequency-based protection devices as is evidenced during Time Error Correction events is appropriate.

Accordingly, NERC is planning a Field Trial during which the practice of doing Time Error Corrections will be suspended. What will this affect? We don't think it will have much affect at all, but just to be safe, we are reaching out to various industries to get their thoughts on this. Those industries include appliance manufacturers, software companies, chemical manufacturers, companies that make automation equipment, computer manufacturers, and many others.


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