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Comment More than this. (Score 1) 291

One ass I work with has a 90 minute commute to work.

He was apparently gloating to people at lunch that he watches videos on an iPad which he keeps on the steering wheel during the drive.

He's already totaled one car (luckily no one else was involved).

Frankly, I don't think too many people would be upset if he drove himself into a tree (he's not a particularly likeable person). My problem is if he hits another car on the road.

Comment Need? (Score 1) 123

Is there much need for this, even in the corporate world?

I think what's much more useful in the corporate world is screencasting, so that the screen is essentially agnostic and you can project any video source on it, not be limited to x86 phone apps. That way if you want to use a windows mobile app with attachable keyboard, that's fine. If on the other hand you use an iPhone or Android app, it will still work just fine.

Microsoft has to face facts: They've lost the mobile market and have to create standards that others are compelled (either due to corporate environment or actual user needs) to follow.

Comment Huh? (Score 4, Informative) 161

Elon Musk most certainly wanted this to happen, but he actually recused himself from the actual vote, citing conflict of interest.

That being said, good for him and other Tesla investors (I don't own any stock in any individual company, but I own mutual funds which own just about all stocks in the market) for looking a little bit at the long game rather than the next quarterly profit.

Comment Re: Finally (Score 1) 540

If you think about it, there's limited difference between creativity within a small scope of action and trying out a billion combinations within that scope.

ie: Deciding on a floral pattern based on the types of flowers you have in your shop. A robot will have a complete image inventory of how all your flowers look now and estimation of they will look in 37 hours (at time of delivery) and come up with an optimal arrangement at minimized cost (or maximized profit) that will still be considered aesthetically pleasing (based on various parameters used to determine aesthetically pleasing, such as amounts of various primary colors, number of different types of flowers, the month of the year, the occasion, the preference of the ordering (or receiving) individual, etc).

And this sort of thing can happen with current software.

(800)Flowers is essentially a middleman currently. Imagine how many jobs would be lost if they teamed up with Amazon.com and cut out the small time flower shops?

Comment Not a fan (Score 1) 76

I'm not a fan. Been in the Model X a number of times. The glass roof looks wonderful from the inside.

But when it's really sunny out you're constantly moving your visor around to block the sunlight.

Guess this is for those that like convertibles. Luckily a classic hardtop is still an option.

Comment iOS on IoT? (Score 1) 232

What Apple needs to do is own the IoT market. Make a secure hub that is easy to setup, all the usual bells and whistle IoT devices, and easy setup and management.

LED bulb speakers that change colors? What if they had a microphone that allowed both Siri integration as well as change the lighting based on the music playing? Lots of fun things. May not interest us, but my 14 year old daughter would love mood lighting in her room when her friends come over and play music on surround speakers.

A Nest-type thermostat hooked into the network which could figure out if anyone was home or on their way home (based on sound picked up on a microphone built into a lightbulb or GPS coordinates of the iPhones associated with the network) and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Lots of options available.

Comment Guess I'm obsolete... (Score 0) 114

Still love my Aluminum Macbook from late 2008. Too old for my kids' Minecraft, but does flash games and internet in general fine.

Of course it's too slow for recent versions of MacOS, but still works nicely on the latest version of Linux Mint.

Apple hardware is still good (when they have updated specs, of course), it's just their OSs that makes things obsolete.

Comment Time based? (Score 1) 56

blending a monthly bucket metaphor with that of a time-based subscription system

So is a month no longer considered a unit of time? Is it now a unit of distance?

But seriously, I was on one of the grandfathered in unlimited plans. Last time I went to the AT&T store with my wife, we were looking to cut the cost of our monthly bill. The rep looked at how much actual data I used every month over the past year and offered to cut the bill dramatically by putting me in a capped plan with a cap twice as high as my highest monthly usage.

So I took it. Money's money.

Comment Re: Can't watch TV, it's all pro Hillary (Score 1) 198

Bill Maher (of the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher) had a great monologue about how regardless of how this election goes, Donald Trump will likely be the last major candidate born in the 40s, with formative years and values stuck in the 50s. When he says make America great again, he's talking about making it like the 50s again.

Which was great, if you were a straight white male.

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