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Submission + - Colbert Calls Gates Foundation a 'Slut Factory'

theodp writes: Appearing on The Colbert Report this week to talk about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s new initiative to make contraceptives more widely available in developing nations, Melinda Gates laughed off the jabs of cantankerous faux right-winger Colbert. "It’s a wildly controversial stance because you know from the culture wars in the United States, if you are in favor of contraception you are automatically a slut," Colbert said. "Aren’t you afraid that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be thought of as a slut factory?" On a more serious note, a real threat to Gates' crusade to revolutionize contraception worldwide — which Melinda says should be 'totally uncontroversial' — is coming from the Catholic right, which excoriated her first public speech on the issue at a TEDxChange conference in early April.

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