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Comment Getty screwed up (Score 5, Interesting) 216

If you dig around a bit, you'll see that the artist did not make her photos public domain. She licensed them to the Library of Congress and gave a permissive license for anyone else to use them --- presumably including to sell them --- as long as users give notification that the these are the photographer's work. Nonetheless, she retains copyright. This is basically a BSD-style license. Getty is not only suing her for using her own copyrighted work, but is also not informing customers that they're her work, in violation of the license. She's suing to preserve the terms of her license.

Comment Because the math is apparently not that easy (Score 3, Informative) 85

If I understand correctly what I'm reading about the biomarker gasses, it's not just the absence or presence of a gas or gasses, but the quantities, and the profile of those quantities in normal vs. diseased lungs. So, they're hooking it up to a pattern classifier. In the prototype stage you need a computer with a fair amount of power --- fortunately these days a smart phone will do. Down the road I imagine they could hook it up to a FPGA or six and eventually engineer it down to one chip, but that's a lot more engineering and likely years down the road.

Comment Re:Can Trump win over all? (Score 1) 879

He came from way behind to win the nomination. It's not a stretch to believe he could come from behind to win the general election as well. It's a tough path, but he can hit Clinton from the left and the right on economic and foreign policy issues. His main disadvantage is that he alienates people, and Clinton knows how to make someone else's gaffe stick.

Comment I remember that site (Score 4, Interesting) 264

I remember it was hot in 2001. I remember visiting again in 2004 and it was desolate. I'm surprised it lasted this long.

You know what site I really miss? Segfault.org. That was seriously funny stuff, and ahead of its time. Too bad the hard drive on which it ran crashed and left an unrecoverable mess.

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