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Comment Re:The old struggling to fight off the new (Score 1) 260

A big difference between fire code handling for public accommodations like hotels and the handling for private residences is the frequency of inspections. Hotels are inspected at regular intervals, like annually. Most homes are only inspected after they are built or after major renovations.

That gap leaves a lot of opportunity for someone to do something stupid, like letting the batteries in the smoke detectors die, blocking doors, making windows impossible to open, etc.

Comment Re:f!rstPo$t (Score 3, Insightful) 140

Are you positing that the client creates the hash from the user password?

That's not how it works. If the client generated the hash, then the hash would essentially become the password, and all of the benefits of hashing and salting would be lost.

There's a pretty good discussion here about why hashing occurs on the server:

Comment Re:I wish people would recognize... (Score 1) 396

The UCLA shooting triggered a massive police response, with hundreds of officers and thousands of people affected. By any objective measure, it was a significant story.

There are likely eleven murder-suicides every week that get about as much coverage as your drug story.

There are lots of issues in what gets traction and what doesn't in media coverage. But things are much more complicated than "they like drugs".

Comment Re:Programers can not even figures (Score 1) 372

My pet peeve: web sites that can't handle Gmail's '+' addresses, but don't actually flag it as an error. Instead, they go off into la-la land.

It's usually an indication that someone screwed up the quoting somewhere along the way (and obviously they missed a bit with their testing ,too).

Comment Isaac Asimov (Score 1) 55

Isaac Asimov wrote about following the eclipse in an airplane in a mystery / sci-fi story, The Backward Look. This was published in Casebook of the Black Widowers in 1980, and maybe in some magazines before then.

The story itself isn't one of Asimov's best; there's a convoluted story-within-the-story that features the eclipse chasing. But that mental image has stuck with me over the years. Never knew what it was based on, until now.

Comment Re:This wasn't an engineering decision... (Score 5, Insightful) 569

... at one point in time it would have been unethical to not return an escaped slave.
Today's hint: if you have to make ridiculous statements like this to support your point, then you probably don't have a point.

The ethics argument is not about the level of pollution that the cars were emitting: the bigger issue is that they were *lying* about those levels, thus depriving everyone (consumers, regulators, people who breath) of the information needed to make informed choices.

Comment Re:The first question that comes to my mind (Score 3, Informative) 546

Throw enough resources at a[n] encryption problem, it becomes a matter of time until it's cracked.

That is completely wrong, unless you define 'enough time' as 'longer than the age of the universe'.

More here (scroll down to the quote from Applied Cryptography):

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