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Submission + - Has Windows 7 Upgrade Removed OS Activation Check? (

Acererak writes: "Will Windows 7 require an installed and activated version of a previous operating system prior to an upgrade? That's been the question on everyone's minds lately, spurred by a report referencing an unnamed Microsoft spokesperson. If true, it'll be a giant hassle for Windows 7 re-installations given that the upgrade process invalidates the CD key of the previous operating system--can't activate an operating system with an invalid key, after all.

The confusing part? A Microsoft employee is now directly contradicting this information. Windows 7 has allegedly downgraded to Windows XP's authentication process. You'll only need to insert the DVD of a previous operating system during the Windows 7 installation to satisfy upgrade eligibility. But is this really accurate, seeing as it doesn't fit with Microsoft's desire to increase anti-piracy measures in its future operating systems? If not, it just goes to show that Microsoft is just as confused about how to upgrade to Windows 7 as anyone else right now."

Submission + - Can you build a PC that out Macs a Mac? (

mr_sifter writes: "Apple is winning; the iPhone is the sexiest gadget going, Apple's computers are gobbling market share like Pacman eats pills and Apple stores are filled with eager customers. PC manufacturers, meanwhile, had raced each other to the bottom to make the cheapest computers possible. In this feature, the writers of bit-tech decided to see if it's possible to beat the latest and greatest 24in iMac at its own game, and set themselves the challenge of beating it, hands down, on as many fronts as possible, for the same price or less. The aim was to build a PC that looked and performed better, and was quieter and more desirable, and all for less cash. To win, we couldn't build any old performance system; we needed to craft a beauty from hardware that directly competes with the iMac's strengths."

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