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Comment Re: Outsourcing vs Inhouse (Score 1) 251

As someone who doesn't work as a contractor, this seems like an oversimplification to me. While its probably true for a small system, for large scale systems that approach is likely to result in a system that doesn't do what the customer needs it to.

The second half of this is of course that people make things too complicated, every business or agency isn't a special snowflake. Requirements get tacked on for arbitrary and political (in the case of NASA both internal and public politics) reasons that aren't really necessary and everyone could be placed into the same handful of buckets.

Comment Alarming Battery Costs (Score 4, Insightful) 173

Oddly enough I was messaging a friend about the high cost of the battery upgrade for the old roadster model earlier today. Personally the extreme cost of the batteries (much higher than say a replacement engine) leaves me with big questions about how viable electric cars will be from a maintenance perspective.

Comment Re:White-washed submission (Score 2) 76

You're missing the problem. I don't care that Lenovo is mitigating the problem with bloatware; I've already decided to boycott them over Superfish and the lack of security updates for their phones.

How is any of that relevant?

The problem is that Microsoft is adding ~$10 to the cost of every Android device with their patent trolling.

Ah, I see it isn't. You're simply taking the opportunity to bitch about stuff. Microsoft doesn't really qualify as a troll as they make software, though as a developer one would hazard that many of their patents are probably not novel.

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