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Submission + - Software Vendor Who Hid Supply Chain Breach Outed (

tsu doh nimh writes: Researchers at RSA released a startling report last week that detailed a so-called "supply chain" malware campaign that piggybacked on a popular piece of software used by system administrators at some of the nation's largest companies. This intrusion would probably not be that notable if the software vendor didn't have a long list of Fortune 500 customers, and if the attackers hadn't also compromised the company's update servers — essentially guaranteeing that customers who downloaded the software prior to the breach were infected as well. Incredibly, the report did not name the affected software, and the vendor in question has apparently chosen to bury its breach disclosure as a page inside of its site — not linking to it anywhere. Brian Krebs went and digged it up.

Comment Re:Rose tinted glasses (Score 2) 437

I don't think in North America the world wars reduced the number of people available in the workforce - remember that is also when women entered the workforce.

However, the governments started significant infrastructure investments after the wars, and had pumped a ton of money into industry building military equipment.

Submission + - Wyden to Introduce Bill to Prohibit Warrantless Phone Searches at Border

Trailrunner7 writes: A senator from Oregon who has a long track record of involvement on security and privacy issues says he plans to introduce a bill soon that would prevent border agents from forcing Americans returning to the country to unlock their phones without a warrant.

Sen. Ron Wyden said in a letter to the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security that he is concerned about reports that Customs and Border Patrol agents are pressuring returning Americans into handing over their phone PINs or using their fingerprints to unlock their phones. DHS Secretary John Kelly has said that he’s considering the idea of asking visitors for the login data for their various social media accounts, information that typically would require a warrant to obtain.

“Circumventing the normal protection for such private information is simply unacceptable,” Wyden said in the letter, sent Monday.

Comment Re: Not that easy (Score 1) 105

I always thought it was odd they relied on the client to determine whether the bullet would hit. I would have expected a trajectory (and the server knows the starting point). But I assume the game devs aren't all dumb so there must be performance reasons to rely on the client. Maybe they could check only some of the bullets that hit. It ought to be easy to find the wall hacks from a tape of the game though.

Comment Re:An obviously bad move (Score 2) 225

They're moving towards a standard based on Chromes current extension API, the standard is also being used by Edge. Creating, and using an industry standard ends up reducing the burden for many extension developers, sure someone might have something tightly knit to the old Firefox API but they've now had several years advanced warning to fix it.

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