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Comment Re:Yeah, probably a VGA screen (Score 1) 272

>Why is capacitive touch so important

Because most resistive screens sucked, that's why. I worked with quite a number of them, and yeah, sometimes they worked with a thumbnail, and sometimes they didn't. Not acceptable for use.

We had these and a number of other tablets. If you wanted to actually get anything done, you used a stylus.

Comment Hardware has advanced in 13 years. (Score 3, Insightful) 272

There were a ton of internet devices a decade ago. I had drawers full of literature from a lot of companies making new ones. We wanted to use some badly for at-home patients for a research study. We didn't buy any. Why? They were expensive, and they sucked. There are reasons tablets didn't take off 13 years ago, and it had absolutely nothing to due with market-research.

Comment Re:Envy (Score 1) 140

I could afford one. Most folks working in good tech jobs could.

I have no desire to wear one. I've got a smartphone when I want to do those types of things. I have no need to have a camera always recording things, and when I want to look at a screen, I generally want to be able to type into it, not speak into it. That just disturbs people near by. I'm more of the opinon of folks using mass transit in Japan. I don't want to hear your conversations. Even if it's a conversation with your tech.

Not many people wear those stupid gimicky watches that link to your smartphone either, although those are even cheaper. Just because something is tech doesn't mean people want it.

Comment Re:Why are you such an asshole? (Score 1) 290

Yes, OpenBSD's main projects make things like carp, pf, etc. That seems to be the focus, and how most users use OpenBSD systems. I'm not sure how the Firefox thing is a worry to most folks who use and trust OpenBSD for their use. I've had a lot of OpenBSD machines over the years, but I don't think I've installed X Window more than a couple times.

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