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Comment Re: Amazing (Score 1) 373

I've been buying my insurance for a long time, about 20 years. Costs have gone up ~20% nearly every year for me. Over that time my coverage has deteriorated in many ways - higher deductibles, less included as part of the plan, fewer doctors in network, etc.

Things have slowed down since ACA, I went a year with prices about the same, and a 15% and 20% increase. So for me, the rate of increase slowed a bit.

Comment Re:Conclusion: (Score 1) 373

Why the hate?

I believe there is a defect in the human mind that causes tribalism. You see it flourish in spectator sports, red vs. blue, racism, vi vs emacs, etc. ad nauseum. I have friends and relatives from lots of different backgrounds and make an effort to understand people but still feel the pull of my human nature to distrust those different from me.

It's really easy to exploit this vulnerability for political, economic, or sadistic ends. Religion is related to this, possibly the same.

Comment Re: Thanks Obama! (Score 1) 373

People don't get insurance because it is cheaper than paying for stuff. Insurance is, by definition, more expensive than paying for stuff. You are paying for all the stuff, plus the insurance companies overhead/profit/advertising.

The thing is, things like house fires, car explosions, and 28K medical claims cost more than most people keep handy. So even though it is more expensive overall, it can make more sense to pay more but chop it up into little monthly payments.

Comment Re:Munchies (Score 1) 130

I think it is fascinating that alcohol stimulates chemical receptors linked with the starvation response. Nobody knew this before the study. I'm not sure why you hate science so much you dismiss the "fucking study" with so much hostility. You even have geek in your handle, which would imply respect for science.

Comment Re:Figure out what you want to do (Score 1) 261

That sounds sad! I'm fairly seriously underpaid for my schooling and experience but my job is so satisfying, flexible and easy that I am happy to stay. I could probably double my pay by simply switching jobs but I'd have to give up a lot. I'm not prepared to do that, I would rather retire later and be happy the whole time I am working.

Comment Re:Fine (Score 1) 91

You seem really pessimistic. I prefer to try to find solutions and find ways to make things better instead of assuming everything sucks and giving up. I'm realistic by nature (kinder term for pessimist!) and have to make a conscious effort.

Anyway, the post I was responding to was from someone where the actual policy was to throw e-waste in the trash. That's bad policy. I'm happy the places I have lived have better policies. We can work on getting the particulars right once good policies are in place.

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