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Comment Re:Keystone pipe is mainly for shipping oil to Chi (Score 1) 478

Ever hear of those things called the Rocky Mountains?

I appreciate your condescending, smug response. I liked it so much I poked around and found that Kinder Morgan built a pipeline across the Canadian rockies in the 50s and expanded it in 2004. It can transport 300k barrels a day and there are proposals to triple it. For comparison, Keystone is ~500k barrels/day.

So you're completely totally wrong. Put that in your pipe and send it over the rockies!

Comment Re:Leftism is causing more division and strife. (Score 1) 312

If you're honestly curious here is a brief summary.

1. A wall won't fix anything. Most undocumented workers arrive on planes or land crossings legally and overstay visa.

2. Wall is expensive, complicated, many parts of it won't do any good or are already in place.

3. Immigrants are a net positive, we could make citizenship easier for more gain at lower cost

Comment Re:Landlords are not middle class (Score 2) 106

I make below median for my area and own 5 houses. I can't afford to buy a house where I work so I rent there. The other 5 I bought gradually, and all are mortgaged. They barely pay for theirselves but in 30 years when the mortgages are paid off I will have a modest retirement income source.

You can call me upper class, but the fact that my income is below median and I can't afford a house where I live makes your definition quite strange. I do a lot of other things that are strange for upper class, such as doing most of the handyman work myself, at least when I lived near the houses.

I've helped several tenants get their shit together and guided them through buying their own house. One of them has several houses now and calls me a role model. All my tenants are grateful for me helping them have a decent place to live at a fair price.

Working poor live paycheck to paycheck, a single setback can often result in bankruptcy or eviction. Upper class I'd say is people in the top quintile of income. There are plenty of people like myself, solidly middle class, who have eked out a modest real estate portfolio. I don't know why you are determined to see us as upper class, but the attitude isn't helpful.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 440

I got a whirlpool one 5 years ago and it has done hundreds if not thousands of loads without a single problem. I am truly amazed by how clean it gets things. The only concern is when I let other people use it they always want to put in way too much detergent. Too much detergent builds up in the machine if you do it over and over and it leaves the clothes less clean.

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