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Submission + - Senator files bill prohibiting phone calls on planes (

SonicSpike writes: U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander today filed legislation to prohibit cell phone conversations on commercial flights.

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to hold a hearing today on a potential rule change, having recently eased restrictions on the use of other wireless devices during flights.

"When you stop and think about what we hear now in airport lobbies — babbling about last night's love life, next week's schedule, arguments with spouses — it's not hard to see why the FCC shouldn't allow cell phone conversations on airplanes," Alexander said in a news release. "The solution is simple: text messages, yes; conversations, no."


Submission + - When Users Dive into Malware Cesspools (

GMGruman writes: "It's common knowledge that the Android Market is teeming with malware, yet people keep downloading fake apps that steal their personal information or worse. Phishing attacks continue to effectively scam people, despite years of warnings to not do the equivalent of getting in a stranger's car. Perhaps it's time to change the rules, at least at work, so in return for the ability to use the smartphone or tablet of your choice, or even the PC or software of your choice, users take responsibility for not being stupid. Be stupid, lose your smartphone access privileges for a while. Do it again and maybe lose that bonus. The "consumerization of IT" trend says IT needs to stop treating users like babies. But it should also say that users need to stop acting like babies."

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