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Submission + - HDD manufacturers moving to 4096-byte sectors

Luminous Coward writes: As previously discussed on Slashdot, according to AnandTech and The Tech Report, hard disk drive manufacturers are now ready to bump the size of the disk sector from 512 to 4096 bytes, in order to minimize storage lost to ECC and sync. This may not be a smooth transition, because some OSes do not align partitions on 4K boundaries.

Submission + - Financial woes put Earth No More on hold (plaza.fi)

An anonymous reader writes: English summary

Since this is breaking news, here’s a brief summary of what went down for any potential foreign readers. As proud as we were to be the first in the world to reveal Recoil Games back in 2007, we are now sad to report on their difficulties.

Earth No More, the supposedly 2009 FPS from Finnish development company Recoil Games, originally funded by Radar Group/3D Realms, has been put on hold indefinitely. Extremely reliable sources have informed eDome that the game has been ”put to sleep” for the time being and Recoil will focus on smaller games they can turn around quickly. The quoted reason was financial difficulties, as the company needs money to simply sustain itself. No mention has been made on what the team will work on next or when development on Earth No More will continue.


Submission + - How do I keep my privacy while using Google? 5

hubert.lepicki writes: I use Google all the time. I keep two GMail tabs open when I browse Internet (one is private, another corporate account), I use Google search and recently I switched to Chromium browser. Google's services are fast, easy to use and usually reliable. At the same time I know Google is tracking everything I do, I can see it in search results or their ads on web pages, that tend to match my interests. After recent article posted on private blog by Mozilla's community director (http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/asa/archives/2009/12/if_you_have_nothing.html), I started to... "google" ways of keeping my private data safe while browsing and using Google services. The results weren't very helpful (what a supprise), so I ask you — Slashdotters: how do I stay anonymous to Google while using their services?

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