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Comment Re:Is it safe? (Score 1) 264

Did you even get MW4 to install? Because I tried 3 times to install the damned thing and every time it would get to around 90% and die horribly with an unhandled exception error or some shit. Personally I blame the stupid MTX client crap that Mektek uses, as I had that thing crash more times that I could count!

As for TFA, why all the hate? If you don't like Office, don't use it. It isn't like they are the only game in town. Use Google, OO.o, hell there are tons of text editors and office suites, pick your poison. As for the poster that has to archive docs? Couldn't you find a way to automate conversion to RTF? RTF may have been a MSFT invention but its specs have been published for so long pretty much anything that deals with text can read and deal with RTF. And considering I have dealt with early 90s RTF files and haven't had anything choke reading them RTF should be suitable for archiving if you don't want PDF. Short of ripping out all the text and stuffing it in a .txt file I don't see much of a choice there, as there are no guarantees there will be software that reads ODF in 25 years either. Sure the spec is open, but if nobody supports it you are still gonna have to write something from scratch to read it.

Comment Re:A missile in a shipping container.... (Score 1) 618

Actually, you pretty-much HAVE to have a tracking sensor on the missile itself if you want to hit anything.

However, if you fire off a missile in a random direction you're going to blow up some ship at random at best - most likely a tanker. Also, radar is subject to jamming, and you bet that if somebody spots a radar emitter travelling at mach 3 they're going to jam it! IR or visual is only useful if you have a very good idea of where the target is - it can't search a large area. Even radar on a missile will only spot something in a cone maybe a few miles across, which isn't much even in the Persian Gulf.

Keep in mind that a cruise missile is exactly the kind of threat that US naval defenses were designed to counter. The only twist here is sneaking one onto a merchant ship.

Comment Weren't these kinds of ideas... (Score 1, Troll) 153

...supposed to be proposed before the ISS was launched?

I'm sorry, but I'm a big fan of NASA and I find this whole effort to be ridiculous. The ISS was sold as a tool that would provide all of these critical capabilities and now, all of a sudden, they have to drum up business.

Sorry, but the ISS has officially become a Solution In Search Of A Problem.

Comment Re:Competing Isn't Cheap (Score 2, Insightful) 317

One large problem is the bright folks at Microsoft can't innovate on anything that could possibly lead to a loss of revenue of Windows products. That is, anything out on the interweb that doesn't run on Windows. From this standpoint they are hamstrung a bit competing with others that have a complete clean slate to start with. Do you think anything that reduced sales of Office or Windows would make it past the product managers? Unlikely. Windows and Office are just too profitable at the moment to risk doing anything really innovative. For example, .NET and all the applications made with it will never run in all the places Java can so no matter what cleverness they come up with their underlying technology is almost always restricted to Windows and all its legacy assumptions about the underlying platform.

Comment Re:+5 Funny (Score 1) 446

"Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility." Ambrose Bierce

(Thank you Civilization IV for that quote.)

Worse than that, it makes "being an amoral bastard who will do anything within the law to boost company profits" into a moral requirement. Even if none of the shareholders actually want the company to be amoral-bastard.

Not that I have any better alternatives at the moment.

Comment Re:Industry self-regulates (Score 1) 278

Certainly, the government will be efficient and effective at figuring out what is and isn't offensive speech. Never mind the unsupervised kids already have access to 4chan and network (more often cable) tv, we need to make the judge and jury play through the entirety of a given game and then debate amongst themselves if there was any "protected speech" in Fallout 3. Should make sure we can't talk about violence when using free speech? Should any story about WWII not mention the horrible atrocities taking place there? I'm sure nothing violent or horrible happened there, and heaven forbid someone sells a kid a game depicting such events! There was no Holocaust, and Hitler was a charismatic leader who mysteriously vanished, leading to the USA as the best place on the planet. Nuclear war and the aftermath should not be a topic children should ever discuss. If there's something VIOLENT described in PROTECTED SPEECH, the government stands very little chance of making rational opinions free from bias and in any timely cost effective manner. But who... who in the world can influence these children to keep them from the SMUT the world has to offer? Where can we find these people?

Comment Re:Security through obscurity? (Score 1) 1015

You were funny, but I still want to address a serious point.

If aliens come here from those star systems light years away,
they figured out the energy problem. They are not going to
want to take over our coal mines and natural gas deposits.
I assume they have much better energy sources. I do not know
anything else (as resource) that would not be found on other
(uninhabited) planets than the fossil fuels.

Of course that still leaves the possibility that they just
want the living space (oceans greens etc.) and/or would see us
as food as delicacy. (Maybe the better meaning majority would
make laws to declare us endangered, like we do with the whales,
but some would still hunt us for fun/profit.

But if colonization is what drives the aliens, then they would
surely find planets that can serve for that purpose without
intelligent life and much closer to their origins. (There are
billions of systems etc.) Why would they want Earth with an
ecosystem damaged and being damaged by humanity? I just assume
they would much rather have a clean planet...

The only issue I can see is if we are competition to these aliens
colonization efforts of other planets. But we are not there yet,
and when we get there, hopefully we will be able to protect

But, it is an interesting question to ponder: Assume we were on our
way to colonize other planets and got near to some prospective
one. We notice that there is life there and may be intelligent
(say on the level of the Neandertales which is what we would appear
to aliens today I assume). What would we do? Keep looking
further (cost) or eradicate them or enslave them (less cost, high
moral cost)? Now go see Pocahontas or Avatar!!

Comment Re:I wish people would act more ethically (Score 1) 443

The thing is, a lot of us don't care that much about Open Source. Sure, there's a lot of fondness for the little guy, but personally I find it hard to get my knickers in a twist when someone violates the GPL. The source code that they based their changes on is still available. If the violators didn't use GPLed code in the first place we'd not be in a better position.

Comment Re:What's so scary about this? (Score 1) 510

In Sweden it is illegal to publish any information about who the owner of a vehicle is, for example. Yet, it is perfectly legal to send a SMS to the traffic authorities to get the same info. Go figure.

The behavior of just about any one individual is not exactly based on reasoning, analysis, fairness and wisdom, either. Now try to apply those principles to a nation's constitution and a bunch of legal amendments, precedents, national state city county and village authorities judge and lawyers, citizens and con guys, and well you'll end with a morass called the law. Nobody has ever managed to have it make sense completely, nowhere. If you want logical behavior with the dignity any human deserves, you'll end up being a philosopher or revolutionary, angry at at the ignorant world and masses. With reason, but still, the world is as it is.

Comment Re:There WILL be unbreakable DRM, heres how: (Score 1) 443

At which point prices will have to drop significantly because you're no longer selling a game; you're selling a subscription to a game

If you think you are buying something more than the "right to play until the seller decides otherwise" when you are sadly mistaken and you need to read the EULA.

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