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Submission + - Google Reveals What Governments Asked It To Remove (

Lord_of_the_nerf writes: Google has released all government content removal and user info requests in its transparency report (released on Sunday). It's interesting to note that the largest number of info requests have come from the US. Also interesting is what wasn't taken down, despite these requests. On a lighter note, some of the more amusing ones include a request from the Passport Canada office a 'YouTube video of a Canadian citizen urinating on his passport and flushing it down the toilet'.

Submission + - iPhone illegal in Australia?

Lord_of_the_nerf writes: The exclusivity deals that Apple so prefered for it's iPhone might be in conflict with the Australian Trade Practices Act, according to Dr Dale Clapperton and Professor Stephen Corones (both legal experts from Queensland University). Should Apple choose to follow suit with a similar deal to the one they have with AT&T in the US, it could conflict with 'third-line forcing' provisions in the act. Will this mean phones without service restrictions for Australia (region coded iPhones, oh joy!) or will they just refuse to sell them? Apple Australia have so far declined to comment.

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