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Submission + - Steve Jobs Action Figure Goes on Sale (

LordStormes writes: For $99, you can get your very own plastic genius. Releasing in February, the foot-tall Steve Jobs action figure is fully poseable, but won't come with little plastic iPads like the promo photos show. Apple fans now awaiting the Steve Wozniak figure, which will be found in the bottom of select bags of Doritos.

Submission + - Which Language to Learn? 3

LordStormes writes: I've been a Java/C++/PHP developer for about 6 years now. However, I'm seeing the jobs for these languages dry up, and Java in particular is worrisome with all the Oracle nonsense going on. I think it's time to pick up a new language or risk my skills fading into uselessness. I'm looking to do mostly Web-based back-end stuff. I've contemplated Perl, Python, Ruby, Erlang, Go, and several other languages, but I'll put it to you — what language makes the most sense now to get the jobs? I've deliberately omitted .NET — I have no desire to do the Microsoft languages.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot - Cheap Online Backup? 1

LordStormes writes: I've been newly hired to run the IT department of a small company with a notoriously cheap CEO. Right now, we're backing up about 6TB of data off 25 servers onto a single NAS in the same data center. I'm worried this isn't good enough. The boss wants me to pick the most critical 1TB and use removable media to take it offsite. I want to protect it all. I'm looking into options like, but most are either expensive or prohibitive in the way they're structured. A dedicated, hosted server with enough disk would run us about $450 a month, plus more for bandwidth overages. I'm kicking around putting a second NAS in the CEO's house with a dedicated fiber connection and uploading to there, which would cost about $100 a month, but I'm worried I won't be able to do incremental uploads if all I have on the main backup NAS is large backup job files. Please help!

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