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Comment Re:Seems to work! :-) (Score 1) 211

You my friend are an idiot. Snooping? Find me a web server that doesn't contain logs, particularly for services that require authentication and don't specifically state they don't keep logs.

I think he was referring to this:

I caught him cheating on his wife based on computer forensics I did for her and some network traffic tapped on their network at her behest.

Although without further explaining the situation surrounding these "computer forensics I did for her" and "some network traffic tapped at her behest", it's hard to tell. If she's the customer and pays the bills for the network services you provide her, it's probably OK. Not sure if the users need to be warned that their traffic can be analysed though, as I'm not a legal expert. But I wouldn't be surprised to find that there's a legal obligation of notification, similar to legislation surrounding security cameras.

Comment Re:Malware click bait on slahsdot (?) (Score 1) 211

Did not bother to click it; the summary and the many comments saying "it doesn't work" make it sound like the site itself is click bait.

Nope, just new. My data is accurate, but only goes back to mid December. The way the site works is it participates in torrents on public trackers to get a list of peers. How else did you think they were able to access that data? And it appears they haven't been in business for very long, and aren't participating in all torrents yet.

But if you think this is cause for alarm: it's what copyright holders were already doing for a long time. They don't know anything about you that the RIAA/MPAA/BSA/... don't already know.

Comment Re:Ha! No. (Score 1) 211

I checked this site out of curiosity, and all they're doing is scraping trackers and recording the information. Nothing different than the publicly available data the movie and music studios have been gathering for years to issue infringement warnings. The only novel thing is they are making the archival information publicly available.

Exactly, amen. I was kinda bothered by the last part of the summary:

It's not clear whether this site is really revealing the information it claims to -- or whether it can filter out the fake IP addresses provided by many downloaders. But putting that aside, it does raise an important question. Is it technologically possible to build a site that tracks and reveals torrenting histories based on IP addresses?

Yeah, if you ignore the information that's clearly presented on the site, under the "About Us" section, then yeah, it's pretty unclear how they perform this feat of magic... Lazy editors.

ps: I can confirm, for my IP it also doesn't have anything past Dec. 17, 2016.

Comment Re: Define "work" (Score 1) 160

Exactly. The test subjects are people who participate in studies. There's probably a reward attached for participation, over here it's usually free cinema tickets and stuff. They're not interested in the activity tracker, they're just interested in the free tickets. So is it any surprise they stop charging and wearing them once the rewards stop? Now, for those who seek them out, do they actually work and get them to move more? Probably not or I wouldn't see so many fitbit owners who're still every bit as much overweight as two Christmases ago when they got 'em. These things do nothing more than remind you you should move more. Your scales already tell you that, and so does your doctor. So by that same logic one could also state that scales and doctors don' t work either.

Comment Re:Please just stop (Score 1) 117

Then you didn't see Zombie Movie. It was the first released on steam as a movie... about 11 years ago.

You can probably find it on youtube.

Oh yes, that one was good. :)

Also, Kung Fury, another free one, also pretty hilarious if their particular brand of stupid humour appeals to you.

Comment Re: So ... what? (Score 1) 102

You don't need to share your code. Only if you distribute the binaries do you have to. And then only to those you distribute it to, if I'm not mistaken, and not even proactively, just when/if they request it. But, since they have the same rights to further distribute, not publishing it openly makes little sense.

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