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Comment Re:That's what Nokia, Moto, and Microsoft said (Score 4, Insightful) 535

Cheap hardware? Pretty much every time someone tries to match another company's hardware with the build quality/specs of Apple hardware ("because PCs are cheaper" mythology), the other company's hardware ends up AT LEAST as expensive as the Apple hardware

No, it only appears that way because of the slanted metrics that are always used in these comparisons.

I could post equivalent hardware to the latest Mac that had a slightly slower SSD but better processor, RAM, and screen, for half the price-- but the complaint would be that the Apple has a better SSD (which is clearly what matters!)

I could post something costing ~$100 more than the latest mac, and was superior in every metric-- but the complaint would be that it cost more (which is clearly what matters!)

I could post something superior in every tech spec for the same price-- but the complaint would be that it wasnt in aluminum (which is clearly what matters!)

The fact is the apple markup is real and is generally ~50% or more. Its been true for years, and people trying to justify the tag dont want something better than an Apple or cheaper than it, they want something that IS an Apple regardless of specs, price, or build.

Comment Re:Reviews (Score 1) 174

Please. I've rarely ever seen an iSheep rant and rave on like a Fandroid. Both camps are pathetic but one is certainly more vocal.

Its the idle condescension that is so irritating. Hearing someone gush about the new Apple pay, you point out that Google had NFC payments before, and you hear about how "Apple always does it second, and better". Point out counter-examples (like iOS keyboards, which took years and are still crippled and awful), and "why would you ever want to do that?"

I have no beef with folks who can just admit they prefer the aesthetic or have some other preference for Apple. The assertions that its just universally "better"-- and the fact that so many people blindly make them due to Apple marketing material-- is why people have such a reaction to Apple enthusiasm.

And if I hear another person tell me how Macs are more secure....

Comment Re:Reviews (Score 1) 174

Some of the reviews are because Android apps are supposed to at least TRY to conform to the design spec of Android, and Apple crapped all over that.

One of the big benefits of Android is that Google does not take a heavy-handed approach to filtering what makes it into their store, and Apple is slapping them in the face with an app whose function AND design would both be instantly rejected if the positions were reversed.

You think Google would be able to get a Material-designed app into the iOS app store-- let alone if it were a migration app?

Comment Re: Tax dollars hard at work (Score 1, Offtopic) 120

Not sure if you're aware, but white men are killed more often by police than black men, and while the proportion does not match the racial makeup of society it does match the rate of violent crime.

The number is also absurdly low; something like 100-150 black men are shot per year by police, and that does not factor out those shootings which were justified. Given the media's propensity to report every shooting (as it drives a popular narrative), and given that there have only been 3-4 reported unarmed killings by police this year, I think its safe to say the number is under 20/ year for the country.

To put that in perspective its substantially less than the number people who die falling off their roof each year (>40).

Comment Re:Any possibility that sunscreen causes cancer? (Score 1) 210

Its really that theyre rejecting the vast corpus of medical knowledge embraced by actual doctors who actually practice, and then tout how they have the secret supplement to prevent autisim or osteoporosis.

Hint: They dont, and if they did, theyd be an actual practicing doctor. Theres a reason he doesnt have an MD or PHD.

Comment Re:Any possibility that sunscreen causes cancer? (Score 2) 210

The main reason Im not engaging is that when someone endorses homeopathy, AND opposes vaccines, AND theyre selling dietery supplements, the changes that there will be a consensus on what constitutes "science" or "evidence" or "reason" is very small. I could try to use facts to debate each one point by point, but its not like I would be breaking bold new ground; a 5 minute google spree could tell you what the realistic risks and proven benefits are to vaccines, or the actual (limited) effectiveness of homeopathy. Someone willing to discount those bodies of evidence is unlikely to pay any mind to any of the arguments I could bring to bear. Why should I even waste the time?

Comment Re:Any possibility that sunscreen causes cancer? (Score 5, Insightful) 210

From :

Joseph M. Mercola (born 1954) is an alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and web entrepreneur, who markets a variety of controversial dietary supplements

Raising alert status to yellow...

Mercola and colleagues advocate a number of unproven alternative health notions including homeopathy,

Going to code orange...

Mercola criticizes many aspects of standard medical practice, such as vaccination


Sorry, if it looks like a quack and sounds like a quack, he probably is a quack.

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