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Comment Re: Great news! (Score 3, Insightful) 267

Yeah just wait for the details to come in on this one. I'm sure it will be like the announcement that he saved Ford jobs, only to find out that the company had planned that over a year ago and it had nothing to do with Trump. Or like the Carrier announcement, where he claimed credit for jobs that were never being eliminated, and the rest of them have the big asterisk that Carrier is going to invest millions of dollars which we later discovered were going mostly to automation to eventually replace most of the jobs that were just "saved"

Comment Fool me once, twice (Score 1) 109

Fool me once*, shame on you. Fool me twice**, can't get fooled again. Fuck you Asus!

*with the Transformer Prime and it's shitty ass WiFi, and GPS so bad you actually expected me to use a dongle to get a usable GPS signal

**with the Transformer Infinity, and it's piece of shit software upgrades (and from what I understand to be somehow due to inferior memory bandwidth?) that render the thing slower and slower with every update, to the point that I can do a factory reset on my Inifinity, install absolutely no apps, and still have 5 to 10 second touch lag in chrome on a regular basis even after it has had 20 minutes to finish it's reboot, do whatever startup tasks it may need.

Comment Re:For years now... (Score 1) 387

I wouldn't necessarily say its the nature of inkjets that you have to print something every couple of weeks. I used to sell prints at art shows in the summer as a hobby. I owned a Canon IPF5000 wide format printer. Because of the seasonal nature of my business I would do a ton of printing for 3-4 months, and then shutdown and unplug the printer for the other 8-9 months. Each year, I would plug it back it, it would run through 1 cleaning cycle, and it worked beautifully without any clogs or other degredation. Granted, that is a more professional series printer, and it uses pigment based inks, but I'm just saying that it's certainly possible for a printer to work fine after long periods of inactivity.

For random everyday printing, I used a canon i950, and it too would do decent even when it went for a period without use. And it wasn't too bad consumable cost wise, as far as printers go. But I usually printed enough that I was having to replace the cartridge about twice a year for a cost over $100/year (and it did break once, and I replaced it with a refurb i960). 3 years ago I got dell multifunction color laser on sale for $250 shipped. Toner now costs about $10-$15/year, so the printer has just about paid for itself already (plus it's nice to have a scanner with a sheet feeder).

Comment Re:Slashdot, fix your data:text/html;base64 ad spa (Score 1) 29

Thanks for doing some digging. I decoded it and saw the amazon URL, but didn't go any deeper, and I certainly don't have any familiarity with cloudflare's shady hosting.

I just posted again today. Got the same thing popup on slashdot today. I posted screenshots in that post, showing that chrome still thinks the website is on slashdot (must be some symptom of the "data" url that chrome doesn't realize the page has changed)

Comment Re:Slashdot, fix your data:text/html;base64 ad spa (Score 1) 29

1) as I said, it was my android phone in chrome. And I'm pretty certain it isn't compromised. If it were, it would be very interesting because it's only happened 3 times, all this week, and only on slashdot. Slashdot accounts for about 1% of my browsing time, so thats either a very huge coincidence, or a very targetted virus.

I just posted about it again today, with screenshots:

Comment Slashdot has popup ads with data:text/html;base64 (Score 5, Informative) 204

Third time this week. I'm reading through slashdot comments on my mobile and get a popup ad with a "data:text/html;base64" url. Here's a couple screen grabs:

first photo shows the URL. second photo shows that chrome thinks the page is still on slashdot's website. The ad pops up and fills the screen on it's own, without me clicking on anything (so it's on some sort of setTimeout or something). It won't let me use the back button either. This crap is very invasive. Slashdot should not be showing these sort of ads

Comment Slashdot, fix your data:text/html;base64 ad spam (Score 2, Informative) 29

This is twice in the last couple days, I've been browsing slashdot comments on my android phone in chrome. Suddenly my browser is redirected to a spammy page with a data:text/html;base64 url. The full URL is below. The spammy website won't let me go back and just keeps me on the page. This shit is unacceptable slashdot. Fix your fucking advertisers.

Filter error: That's an awful long string of letters there.

Yeah, it's a long fucking string of letters. You should know. You gave it to me to begin with. OK, since I can't post it, I'll pastebin it

Comment Viral (Score 1) 134

This really feels like viral advertising. None of it really makes sense to me any other way. From the explanations that are just vague enough to make you say "WTF?" before you go hunting for more info, to the fact that they banning the video, all the way to the person who posted the videos saying

"There are more spoilers than you probably realize with this game," Daymeeuhn wrote in the post. "I'm only a couple hours in, barely touched a few planets, and already I've had many FUCK YEAH moments. On the one hand, I'd love to share those with you, but in the other hand, Sean is right... why not just wait and experience them firsthand? I dunno. The first videos I posted were perfect—they spoiled nothing and just showed a taste."

Huh? There are spoilers here, but we didn't actually post any spoilers? Oh, but I should probably just go experience it firsthand, right? OK, I guess I'll run right out an buy a copy.

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